Praggnanandhaa Just needs 24 Moves

It was the clash between ASV AlphaEchecs Linz and the tournament leaders and dominators WR Chess in round 11 of the FIDE World Rapid Team Championship 2023. While GM Etienne Bacrot (2675) was looking to score a crucial point for his team, he was facing GM R Praggnanandhaa (2645) who was in the form of his life. Can he hold the Indian youngster and snatch a point?

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Please make videos with analysis, commentary

  2. Wow. Pragg didn't hold back at all. He just went straight in for the kill. Amazing game. I can't wait to hear Sagar Shah's commentary on this game. Spectacular!

  3. It appears as if he tried recalling something at many points, perhaps the engine line ?

  4. Did Pragg receive any award for going undefeated in all 12 rounds?

  5. pragg era begined
    It will end when he become world champion

  6. The women besides pragna was 😯 surprised anyone observed that?

  7. Stockfish preparation in 24 moves!

  8. Why did old man sacrifice the rook?? Poison rook ??😂😂

  9. When you don't even know why he resigned…?😳😂😂

  10. Beating Etinie like this is not at all an easy task. Prag is just incredible !!

  11. All he needed was a blunder by his opponent 🙂

  12. one day was magnus beated no#1 india vishy anand, one day future no#1 world india pragg revenge magnus , respect from iraq

  13. Hou’s reaction remembers the school days any one finish early exams

  14. Mantap ,salam dari master catur Indonesia 🇮🇩

  15. Did praggnanandhaa won ? I was looking at the amazing lovely hou yifan game❤❤😊😊😉

  16. Sad reality is when u realise pragg doesn't have the enormous fan following despite he is the grand chessmaster, l'm sorry champ but people are busy with system and other cringe things u have my respect🐐👑

  17. Everyone knows that pragg is upcoming world champ🙌❤❤🏆

    One like for this amazing talent 😊😊😊

  18. I don’t understand how he won. They were just calmly playing and the opponent just shook hands to finish the game? He could’ve continued playing? Why did he give up by shaking hands with Pragg?

  19. Can someone explain what happen there? How did he win?

  20. fatally soldier before elephant lost.
    hail the lord!

  21. Someone explain how Praggnanandhaa won here?

  22. I'm beginner sumone, plz explain whthr the game s draw or win by prags

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