Praggnanandhaa On Fire | World Rapid Team Championship 2023

The World Cup runner-up is simply in the form of his life. He is currently in action at the World Rapid Team Championship 2023 and is a part of the WR Chess team. In the eighth round, he was up against GM Sebastian Siebrecht (2371) from the team Kompetenzakademie Allstars.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. At 6:09 he probably already calculated a checkmate for the other game 💀

  2. Congrats, Praggu, but the match was between un-equals.

  3. Pragg taking sip of water 💧 at 5:22 and the match got over in the next 1 min. This guy and his style to finish off the games , just mindblowing

  4. Yes, white could have played rook to f1 but Queen captures bishop at e3 check and white could have saved check by bringing his queen to e2

  5. Don't post videos like that. do some commentary as well. it will be helpful for beginners like me

  6. Love how the engine slowly sunk to zero for white 😂. It's truly like watching art being made with pragg, every move is so seamless.

  7. 𝔸𝕒𝕣𝕒𝕧 𝔾𝕒𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕘 says:

    Pragg vs NURSERY 😂😂😂😂

  8. Pragg was actually "playing" With him….the gentleman was mauled… Rip

  9. Playing so relaxed, so confidently. Wow!

  10. Opponent of pragga thinks he was mikhail tal 😂😂😂

  11. No ego ….no overconfident…which made him great🫡🇮🇳

  12. Who was the white. It was utter demolition. I mean white was trying to attack Prags King side with no defense on his own. Harakiri to the max. Just went my ahead and got his queen and knight just locked up on last file with no easy to attack or defend using them. Absurd.

  13. This channel is so biased, they only show the games in which Indians won, and ignore Indian players who lost there games. Even if they lost they should show their games also.

    Erigaisi lose to duda

    Nihal lose to grischuk

    Nihal lose to nordirbek

    Vidit lose to duda

    And a couple more games they haven’t even mentioned.

  14. Nice win for Pragg, no stress smooth sailing

  15. Pragg is a calculation monster as per Magnus… 🔥

  16. This kind of caveman attack was never going to work with an already elite player like Pragg

  17. Loved the sequence around 4:40

    e6 to defend the following nf5 that pressures both the white knights on g3 and h4 that prevents Qg2 and Qh1.

    The opponent lost the second he went nxf5

  18. White can't castle used to the bishop eyeing the rook ryt? Why prag allowed it 3:56

  19. How fas he is puting the pieces on the starting postions 👍

  20. Pragg's opponent tried a fluke shot at him.

  21. That knight move was so horrible, feel like as a GM you should be able to spot those mistakes.

  22. Bro has balls of steel to sit against prag . Congrats

  23. Pragg, making it look too easy. He's got the Champion swagger now.

  24. Pragg plays simple chess. when oppon.. attacks your king side, ignore & you attack the centre

  25. Play aggresive chess against Prag …. The result is obvious

  26. Not even bothered about the opponent's bishop hanging for a while 2:37 🙂

  27. So silent tsunamis attack by pragg spectacular display of Sadurangam

  28. Opponent castling got himself to miserable 😂😂

  29. Pragg won twice in one game, @6:38 He re-arranged them super quick. The other guy still re-arranging infect Pragg 6:45 did help him to re-arrange,

  30. Pragg's Swag is out of this world 👏

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