Praggnanandhaa vs Vidit Gujrathi | PSPB Inter Unit Chess Championship 2023

The stage was set for the biggest encounter of the 32nd PSPB Inter-unit Chess Championships 2023. Two of India’s brightest talents GM R Praggnanandhaa (2690) and GM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi (2730) were facing each other in the final round. The score was tied as all the other games were drawn and the result of this game will decide who will walk away with the title. Watch the video to enjoy the intense game and also do not miss the final moments.

Video: ChessBase India
Edited by Aditya Sur Roy

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  1. Did he win because he had more pieces? Or what cause he didn’t kill the blacks king so it’s a draw

  2. look how vidit presses the clock. so gently!

  3. feels good to see adhhiban smiling hope he bounces back in classical

  4. Solamente así gana con la Miranda , desde afuera lo asesoran, solo no puede.

  5. All I see is VD pressing the middle of the clock compared to pragg

  6. Vidit misses something 11:50
    He was wining a Peice .. after vidit played Qc2 threatening mate and pragg defended by Qg4 vidit missed Qc7 pining the knight and threatening to take it pragg must defend it then Nf5 would win the Peice!!! Can someone check with me or I am missing something

  7. I really love it how VD is pressing the clock!
    Seems like he invented a peaceful way to tap the clock with zero noise or sound emissions !!

  8. btw, seems like everyone ganged up against Vidit, and super rejoiced when he lost… 😂😂😂

  9. See how beautiful this position is…… every square has a black peice in 6th rank – 6:14

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