Praggnanandhaa vs Vidit Gujrathi | PSPB Inter Unit Chess Championship 2023

The stage was set for the biggest encounter of the 32nd PSPB Inter-unit Chess Championships 2023. Two of India’s brightest talents GM R Praggnanandhaa (2690) and GM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi (2730) were facing each other in the final round. The score was tied as all the other games were drawn and the result of this game will decide who will walk away with the title. Watch the video to enjoy the intense game and also do not miss the final moments.

Video: ChessBase India
Edited by Aditya Sur Roy

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  1. It's ok to lose , you can't win everytime it was a good match

  2. Vd took a break from chess,
    Hope he comes back stronger

  3. Great feeling to watch masters like Vidit, Pragg, Bhaskarana, Pental and others playing together.

  4. At 10.00 why prag not take rook with knight anybody tell

  5. 13:26: the moment when Pragg delivers the final blow in the winning position with qg6. I love the stare he gives Vidit right after.
    Also really cool to see all the players discussing and congratulating each other

  6. You can literally see the energy drain after a high power fight of the mind.

  7. Feeling good when two Indians are playing each other 🥰🥰

  8. pragg is very famous chess player in india?

  9. Northies can't match the intellectual acumen of the Tamils. Most chess prodigies predominate from the south. Its all to do with Tamil DNA. All south indians belong to the Tamil genetic pool. In ancient days, the south was known as Tamilakam. Land of the Tamils.

    Tamil Nadu have traditiionally been called the Oxford Of The South. And Tamil Nadu is the mecca of indian chess.Some from the north may have problem to stomach this but let the chess speak for itself. Data don;t lie

  10. Everyone: watching vidit game
    my brain: watching the game in the background

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