Praggnanandhaa’s insane opening preparation | Pragg vs Nepo | FIDE Candidates 2024

Very few people are able to shake Nepo’s Petroff. Magnus Carlsen himself was unable to do it in the World Championship Match 2021. But here comes the 18-year-old Pragg, full of life, full of ideas and full of energy, wanting to blow Nepo off the board. Check out this amazing round 5 game from the FIDE Candidates 2024 with the commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  2. Someone please tell me how to go to those chess events which are conducted at Pheonix malls.!???

  3. Nepo in open tournament 🤡
    Nepo in candidates 🗿

  4. Smug Nepo actually got his ass kicked..survived

  5. Last discussion after draw a looking like library talk😂😂😂

  6. Both Prag and Vidit lost their advantage….That shows Preparation can take you till a point but you need to play solid all the way..else, at this level, good players can escape..

  7. This is why Magnus is so good, he knows how to convert those late middle to endgame advantages.

  8. In min9 I not able to calculate that would happen if Be6+…if king takes Rxd6+ Ke7 Re1+ Qxe1 and black is winning…

  9. The two have the most difficult name to write

  10. What is Caruana's role here? Is he an invigilator for an exam for what? lol 😛 Please someone explain for me, Thanks!

  11. 17:50 FIDE ka taklu again rushing players to sign the papers… 18:09 Pragg be like le Gand mein daal tera paper

  12. Wow, Pragg was so close to winning this game.

  13. Ian able to spot insane moves but not his table and getting confused is wholesome. Great editing!


  15. As the match ends in a draw, what will happen? Will the match be played again?

  16. prag hrsnya menang knp Queen ga ke hitam terus benteng mkn pion di pojok kanan

  17. Longer the chess more the draws 😑

  18. You’re an amazing chess analyst. I love you’re content my dude ❤

  19. Why is there a fide flag instaed of the country Nepo from?

  20. Sagar sir your commentatory is just amazing .. even a noob like me is able to get great insights in the game 😂

  21. Whats up wit the camera's quality? feeling like i am watching a game from 1980's

  22. chess players after the match:

  23. Why to disturb player before the match

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