Pragg’s greatest attacking game | Lagarde vs Pragg | World Cup 2023 | Commentary by Sagar

Praggnanandhaa played one of the greatest attacking games ever! This happened in round 2.1 of the World Cup 2023. Check out the battle between Pragg and Lagarde and enjoy Pragg’s free flowing attack with the commentary of IM Sagar Shah.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. The guy on the left is not Maxime Vachier Lagarde !

  2. சூப்பர்டா தம்பி🎉🎉

  3. This just looks like similar to the last game of prag with lagander(maybe this is the name if i remember)

  4. I dont know why players bother to rearrange pieces

  5. Lagarde is better than pragnanda in thıs game

  6. I'd like to express my gratitude to Sagar for condensing a game that would have lasted over 45 minutes into a much shorter video. This is perfect for those of us who don't have the time to watch lengthy videos. Thank you, Sagar!😊

  7. Pragg would have lost his queen if Maxime would have taken that pawn on d3 with bishop instead of knight. 5:19

  8. Esse sim é um ângulo perfeito de câmera!

  9. This is also a wonderful game to show someone why it is important to get a king to safety, out of the middle of the board

  10. Brutal partida.Pragg es un genio.gracias chess India.Saludos.

  11. Even though Pragg just made it to 2700, I’ve always considered him as the cream of the crop of the players from India. His style stands out because he can attack well when he has the initiative, and also play decent positional chess when the need arises. He’s one of the few players from India that can truly attack like Anand.

  12. Sagar Bhai great commentary as always, whenever you commenting about Pragg's game, I always noticed there's a sense of more excitement in your commentary than for others, Pragg is your favourite, I guess. ( Pragg is the one who created a lot of ripples for quite sometime now, I can safely say, he's the spearhead for his generation of youngsters… But Gukesh kind of Flying under the radar and now replacing Vishwanathan Anand as India's No.1, that's commendable.
    Still I would say, Pragg giving competition and inspiration at the same time for his fellow youngsters, good for the sport, future looking good ). Hope you giving commentary like this as always, Sagar Bhai. 👍😃✌️

  13. I'm new here. How I can know who is won or drawn?

  14. it was winning posn for opponent. Knf5 has to be played instead of Re2.

  15. Desi launde videsio ko pelte hue 😂
    Aise aur videos dalo bhai
    Commentry mein aur aag lagado ❤ mast maja aaya 😊

  16. Sagar is like Praha down to 1 min , and prang in mind like 1 min is way too much to finish it off

  17. La India; una tierra de gente muy inteligente y maravillosa.

  18. I want play chess tell me please what is process in state and district level 🙏🙏

  19. playing like a Tal with black pieces. this guy is something.

  20. Pragg..move the knght twice in the opening …. proved it's ok 😊…
    It depends on how to play tactically

  21. Bhai teri commentary ke karn dekhne ka munn nai karta !

  22. Probably he isn’t aware about what he’s doing cus his neurons are built that way but he’s fighting 2 battles at same time with the aim to win. He will surpass all modern chess players. True genius

  23. Lagarde didn't play game.. He just moving piece fr checks. 😂😂😂

  24. At 5:17 why Lagarde didnot take e3 pawn with bishop trapping his queen ??
    Can anyone explain ?

  25. Pragg has to become world championship otherwise he is not like King Kong Gary Kasprove

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