Queen’s Gambit time! | Nepo vs Ding | Game 3 | World Championships 2023

After losing the 2nd game and feeling completely out of sorts Ding Liren needed to steady his boat with the black pieces. Ian Nepomniachtchi came in aggressive mood and opened with 1.d4 (instead of his usual 1.e4). Ding chose what many World Champions before him chose as a weapon in matches with high stakes – the super solid Queen’s Gambit Declined. But would this opening be solid enough? Check out this game with the analysis of IM Sagar Shah.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Thumbnail k beech me ye Kaun hai? Ise dekha dekha kyu lag rha hai???

  2. I just love it! The Russian bear against the Chinese dragon! Who will win? Without Magnus in this arena, anything can happen!!!

  3. Bhai koi Sagar bhai ko batao ki ding lizen nhi h vo

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