This entitled parent got her son kicked out of a chess tournament for breaking all the rules…

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  1. mayor WTF? i know ur not American but mayor for ?

  2. I used to be godly at chess never had this happen but I was playing and beat everyone so far so there was this spoiled brat he was a bully and was a bratty rich kid you know and he thought he was good he call me so bad and whispered to me that I’m am S*** but if I said anything it would not end well so we started and I beat him in 5 moves and he really started crying and they paused the tournament to see what happened and they said they could continue and we sat there for like 30 minutes when they finished and he was crying even after it and his mom ticked at me saying I’m a idiot as I said at least I can last 5 moves and he avoided me like I was a devil trying to k*ll him and I just laughed every time

  3. If you do it good enough even people who don't like that thing will like it

  4. i don't like vegetables either so i wish this guy would cook me vegetables

  5. ε—¨οΌŒζˆ‘ε« wΓΊ hΓ o xuān

  6. Definitely one of the most amazing commentary channels I’ve seen
    Earned a sub

  7. This reminded how I became a millionaire it was a 2m tournament all from chess😊

  8. well atleast the mom who cooked the eggs is a good person

  9. lady you don't remove a brace any shape or form from anyone

  10. Just to clarify, a dozen is 13, so that kid ate 13 EGGS!

  11. I love chess to same with your entitled parent stories on your subreddit keep it up man😎😁

  12. As someone who had played chess quite competitively back when I was still 6-8 and 10-11. Everyone knows that everyone should STFU and if you are in the middle of the match and you saw the enemy made a foul. Call the staff there by raising your hand. The fact that this bitch actually talked to her son and not be disqualified is like actually really dumb. The rules on chess are highly strict and one wrong move can get you failed. My teacher told me that once he was in a tournament and was gonna win. I think he said that he was going to be a grandmaster and he accidentally whistle or hum and got him disqualified immidiately. Feels sad man

    Here are some basic rules on chess tournaments :
    1. Move and press the clock with one hand
    2. If you touch the piece, you move it and if you release it, no turning back
    3. Don't talk at all
    4. Shake hands on both the start and at the end of the match (Sportmanship)
    5. If you drop the king means you surrender
    6. You can't drop pieces more than 3 of them (Or some)
    7. Always call for the staff for anything to report (Foul, illegal moves, and rule breaking)
    8. White side is the one preparing the chess

    There are still more or some rules might be different depending on the region you are playing on

  13. cooking one really was like "it was all going well… until it wasnt…but then it wasnt actually that bad"

  14. Feeding the kid hald a dozen eggs, no veggies? "have a happy heart attack kiddo.

  15. was just playing a chess game while watching this

  16. I remember when me and my best friend went to play chess to get qualified and play on the tournament and compete with other schools. Btw I participated on every tournament hosted 2018-2019 and me and my best friend just chatted there because we didn't want to go to class lol and he was scared because he knew he was practically out. The tournaments wore fun.

  17. Just saying my mom makes the BEST broccoli

  18. For story #1, never doubt the word of someone who knows what they are saying or doing….instant karma

  19. I'm addicted to these videos. they are just so funny and make me question why the same thing that happened to the dinos has not happened to us.

  20. the second story, the woman was lucky the husband didn't tack on emotional distress into the possible lawsuit

  21. maybe the "karen" was just trying an excuse to get out of the boring chess match???

  22. That "MOMMMYYYYYY" shriek is everything lmao

  23. Story 1: In my local chess tournament, (which sometimes has rated tournaments), allows spectators, but most spectators are parents who's children were born to win at chess, meaning they know all the rules. Also they also have a rule where you can report people who play illegal moves (breaking the rules), but I always feel too bad to report it, or I'm just not bothered, since I know they're likely a young kid, or are really tired.

    Story 2: Is it just the fact that I have small appetite or is 12 eggs too much or only 2 people. Like I struggle to have 2 or 3 SMALL eggs, yet these people can share 12 eggs (at least a weeks worth of breakfast) between 2 people for just a lunch.

  24. Wait in the second story splatoon was mentioned, did they just have 4-8 switches for splatoon, did people bring their switches

  25. Can someone explain to me why you have to move and press the clock with the same hand? Is this because you could press the clock faster than way or is it some other reason?

  26. My uncle's talll and when he was a kid are 16 eggs a day

  27. Aight who else wants to play chess with Redditor just for fun now?

  28. I've never played chess in silence. Witty banter and music are a must.

  29. I'm glad that baby and bad knee mom are healthy.

  30. It feels like the mom just decided that the kid shouldn't eat those veggies for some reason. Like, the kid enjoyed the breakfast. That poor kid ! It seemes like he actually wanted to eat the soup but the mom TOLD him he couldn't.

  31. last story reminds me of a post where a pregnat mom decided to let god choose her (another way of saying she'll have the baby when she goes into labor) and only god. the mom had to give birth to a baby corpse.

  32. If that cop wasn't that nice and didn't believe ya then say this OP I would like a lawyer and I envolk the 5th

  33. That kid in the vegatable story .. sounds like his mom was just being a bitch "if I cant get my kid to eat vegatables the way i fix then then there is no way I am going to let someone make me look bad and fix them in a way that my kid will gladly eat them so you are not allowed to show that I just truly suck at cooking

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