REYKJAVIK OPEN – ROUND 4 | Hosted by GM Pia Cramling

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(Affiliate link, purchases made through this link may generate revenue for Anna)

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  1. I have seen some games of Anna but she plays very slowly I managed to checkmate a player yesterday in 10 seconds checkmated

  2. Canada was, is and will be behind you! I watched from MTL! Love your mom's reactions and imput on the possible tactics. She is the 🐐. Your mom's reaction when he resigned was hilarious. I was like no way in a dead draw position!!!! Again 👍👍 and SUB.

  3. youtube is truly amazing i mean imagine 30 40 years ago how could ordinary people get a game review by a GM.

  4. Always fun to watch you. Pia comments are also very good. Cheers!

  5. you need to start using the COW!!! COW will rule the tournament!!!!

  6. I wouldn't call that winning Anna……..I found Qe6…….he had a massive brain fart!

  7. I love it when the guy comes along at 3:00:03 to point out the move. Like "cheers pal, that's really necessary" these tournaments always have a guy like that…

  8. I can only assume that Black thought Qe6 would lose a piece to Qxe6 fxe6 Bxe4, (and I thought that myself when looking at the position initially), forgetting that Black can then play exf5 and after Bxf5 the position is equal. Because the pawn isn't on e6 in the final position, it's easy to have a mental block and overlook that exf5 is possible.

  9. Anna, we love seeing you super happy.

  10. I love Pia. She was shocked by the resignation, pointed out it was a mistake, but still showed compassion by saying that many good players have done the same and competitions are high stress. Also I felt like I just got a free chess class from her excellent commentary!! Congrats on the win Anna!

  11. It was a nice game but great luck at finish, Anna. If you be able to, today please play lottery, euromillions, and any kind of games alike.

  12. Why was Qe6 the only move? Why not Qf6?

  13. I don’t know whose more stressed here mama or daughter.

  14. I hope she wins and uses the cow ha ha ha

  15. Congratulations Anna! Your ma was great again also!

  16. Anna you're the best .. crazy but still the best !!

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