Round 11 FIDE Grand Swiss and Women’s Grand Swiss 2023

Commentators: GM David Howell & IM Jovanka Houska.

The FIDE Grand Swiss and Women’s Grand Swiss 2023 are being held at Isle of Man from 25th October to 5th November.
Both tournaments are part of the qualifications for the World Championship cycle, with the top 2 players in the open event qualifying for the 2024 Candidates Tournament and the top two players in the Women’s Grand Swiss qualifying for the 2024 Women’s Candidates. #FIDEGrandSwiss

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  1. LOL all the time they talk about ( 2 times actualy) Toto – great music group feat the Porcaros at that time in LA the way : i watch and practice trumpet–i,m a Pro Jazz player ..not in chess LOL

  2. Hare Rama, What a Proud moment this is! Huge Congratulations to Vidit and Vaishali🎊You made Billion people proud🧡May Bhagwan keep showering his blessings upon you both🙏🧡

  3. Final Result :-
    Vidit Santosh Gujrathi won the FIDE Grand
    Hikaru Nakamura is the runner-up🥈🇺🇸
    Rameshbabu Vaishali won the FIDE Women’s Grand Swiss🥇🇮🇳
    And All the three qualified to Candidates-2024

  4. Wonder why the women players are paid a fraction of the winnings that the men get .

  5. Bro Tanja doesn't get how mics work does she?

  6. Sutovsky is a Putin sponsored puppet and he supports Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the genocide going on.
    Why on earth was he interviewed and how was he allowed to land in Isle of Man?
    Shame on anybody involved in the broadcast.

  7. congrats vidit bhai. amidst all ups and downs, you did it bhai. inspiration as always 🙂

  8. hikaru was so salty during his interview , what a chocker midget

  9. In ADDITION Nakamura was GIVEN the "GIFT" of TWO WHITES IN A ROW (round NINE and round TEN!!!!)

  10. Everyone talking about 2 Indian qualified but 2 USA citizen also Qualified silently.

  11. My opinion is that Pragg just wanted to draw every single game on purpose because he's solely focused on the candidates. But congrats to vaishali though!

  12. 4:23:09 Bro, look at Sagar Shah so genuinely happy for Vidit there! Love their bond. ❤

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