Round 6 FIDE Grand Swiss and Women’s Grand Swiss 2023

Commentators: GM David Howell & IM Jovanka Houska.

The FIDE Grand Swiss and Women’s Grand Swiss 2023 are being held at Isle of Man from 25th October to 5th November.
Both tournaments are part of the qualifications for the World Championship cycle, with the top 2 players in the open event qualifying for the 2024 Candidates Tournament and the top two players in the Women’s Grand Swiss qualifying for the 2024 Women’s Candidates. #FIDEGrandSwiss

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  1. Hikaru did you bring your Tortillos😊😊😊

  2. Back to back victories for Vidit Gujrathi💥Awesome!
    Rooting for Vidit and Arjun 🧡

  3. This is way better then the other coverage! Damnit, I didn't know you two were covering this.

  4. 😊😊😊 smile for the good posture.

  5. Grandmaster players are not annoying players because they are have more experienced games.

  6. Great commentating from David and Jovi, super relaxed and instructive ❤️

  7. India is a good friendship of Philippines…They are very helpfull..

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