Running Your First Chess Tournament: Learning Vega

This tutorial shows you how to use the FREE chess tournament direction software, Vega. This tutorial covers everything you need to know to run a club tournament with the Vega software. Download Vega from .

A Table of Contents is included in the introduction. Click to jump to the portion of the video you want!


  1. I had to input players twice and now the first time I paired the tournament no pairings showed up, despite putting in 24 players.

  2. Can you put a tutorial for install it in linux please, thanks

  3. Muchas gracias… no entiendo bien el ingles pero me ayudo mucho y solo practicar para manejarlo bien

  4. I'm a bit confused on the multiple sections. Say I run a weekend Quad or weekend Swiss with multiple sections, would they have to be ran on multiple instances of Vega as separate tournaments (or save and open the other tournament/section) then merged at the end for the rating report (and will it then be recognized as one tournament upon submission to USCF) which you walked us through around the 14 minute mark or is there a way to create and save multiple sections under the same tournament using one instance of Vega with all of the players, regardless of their section, then running the reports thereafter as you demonstrated.

  5. I am trying to learn Vega so that I cn run some USCF tournaments. I did everything you did (as far as I can tell), but cannot generate the rating report. That last step that is supposed to create the dbf files instead gives me an error that says "Cannot save the tournament header file". Any idea how to fix this? I'm on Windows 10.

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