Michael’s first otb (over-the-board!) tournament in almost two years was an eye-opening experience! Find out what life is like for a tournament player on vacation in Belgrade, and watch until the end to find out how Michael got on!

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  1. Your next tournament, you're seeded 1 above hanging pawns. Hopefully you get to play him!

  2. Hello just keep vlogging we support you from Philippines 🇵🇭

  3. Good luck for Paracin! Feeling a bit better about my loss in JTM now that you've described it as one of your best games. 🙂 How you used your knight there was really exemplary. Good point too about defending being harder than attacking, can definitely confirm it. Also, I think fluctuations are just a normal part of chess, there are bound to be blunders and games that go really badly, the trick is to reduce their number as much as possible and to figure out what went wrong in each case. I like how you came up with a practical conclusion about your style of play and moved on.

  4. Just Found out Your Channel. Absolutely loving it. These vlogs really give a different perspective on the chess tournament experience. Keep it up

  5. whats your rating
    how was called your opponents in all rounds

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