Shocking turnaround in one move | Praggnanandhaa vs Ding Liren | Norway Chess 2024

Ding Liren seems to have played his best chess at the Norway Chess 2024 against Praggnanandhaa. After doing really well in the classical game and agreeing to a draw in a better position, it was now time for an Armageddon for Ding Liren. He had 7 minutes with the black pieces and needed to hold the game to a draw. But then something quite terrible happened. Check out the video to see what transpired – commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. 11:02 that is not shaking of hands, that is touching of hands

  2. Who is at the top now based on the points?

  3. Kept thinking why the eval bar on the left is not moving!? Only to realize it is the background poster 😂

  4. I have a feeling ding is doing mind games before his final

  5. Norway organizer should put ding in hospital immediatly! Ding is severly sick.

  6. ding at this point is just enjoying his freedom outside China.

  7. Maybe someone should tell Ding to take a break from chess. Unless his income absolutely relies on it 😢😢

  8. Ding Liren's tactical vision has been surprisingly weak. It's as if he's blind to threats.

  9. Congratulation Pragg ; Love you from Maharastra ❤

  10. How can this Chinese cheaters pulls the clock towards himself.Its not allowed. Its placed at a certain place to be reachable by both players. By moving it clearly he is trying to distract the opponent to something other than chess. these kinds of mindgames and manipulation should be highlighted.

  11. F'ing hell, I could barely keep up. I get that these people would look like amateurs in my area of expertise, but I'm not used to being so out of it.

  12. Not for other reasons but for his innocent face i feel bad for him

  13. Pragg is intelligent to beat World no. 1

  14. I shocked about thumbnail,,
    It's not about age it's about confidence and determination,,,

    Age is just a number.,,

  15. I've only been in the chess world for a few months and instead of lamenting how far Ding supposedly has fallen I am just mega impressed this man managed to become world champion.

  16. I don't know why Ding always look sad .

  17. Oh man Ding get yourself together! His mind seems so fragile!

  18. It genuinely hurts me to see ding in this state. You’ll be back champ. ❤️❤️

  19. I want to hear Sagar's commentary in live chess. The way he says, he gound the right move sometimes feel very artificial as if he knows the best move xD

  20. Please someone explain me how checkmate is done??

  21. Watchíng Ding struggle like this, moving up and down when the pressure hits is disturbing.

  22. Ding please RETIRE….from the game. Why does he even play in this state ??.. His HEART is NOT there.

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