SNL – Spartan Cheerleaders – Chess Tournament

This is the Saturday Night Live chess tournament Perfect Cheer skit originally performed by Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri.

Craig and Ariannah are cheering for the high school chess tournament. In the original skit, there is a boy named Glenn playing chess. In our video, there is a girl named Glenna. This was in our college talent show and we changed it to the Vikings because that is our mascot at our school. While we did not win, we had tons of fun and got to entertain many people.



  1. I miss when youtube was kids recreating movie scenes.

  2. what is the song playon at the last dance?

  3. Hahaha ok so I still like the original one a little better but you guys did a great job!!! hahaha I love how you guys got the height difference pretty much how it is with Will and Cheri

  4. That was actually really good,> Good job!

  5. Does anyone know where to find the real version?

  6. "Guess who is here? Alexis"
    "What Alexis?"

  7. These people did a fantastic job. Hard work any lots of studying paid off for this duo. 

  8. How did you guys come up with such an original skit?

  9. I hate when people redo SNL skits. They're always so disappointing. At least this one wasn't one of those cleaned up church jobs. Those make this one look professional….

  10. that was really good i laughed the whole time lmaooooooooooooo

  11. Joshua Karr, you didn't catch my sarcasm ? Lol

  12. Check out "Cheerleaders in the Chess Club" on YouTube

  13. After all these years this is STILL A classic! These two made me cry in a good way…

  14. This is actually very impressive! Very great job!

  15. We had people do this for our school fine arts fair.
    These two were good, but Abbie and Drew did it better. They were absolutely hilarious.

  16. One of the laughing girls sounds exactly like my sister. Also, this was soooo great!

  17. Wow, great job guys! You should have sent Will & Cheri a copy of this. I’m sure they would have loved it! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all.

  18. I just saw this video in 2022 and it is so funny! They did a great job!

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