Speed Chess Highlights That Will Blow Your Mind ft. Hikaru vs. Magnus

Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen went head-to-head in a fight for the Speed Chess Championship crown, but there were many more incredible highlights throughout the tournament! Here are our favorite clips and moments from our biggest speed chess event yet ft. Giri, Nihal, So, Gukesh, MVL, Aronian and more!

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  1. Ohw it's going to be a fun final in 2023, can't wait.

  2. Can someone tell me what happened at the end, isn't Magnus winning?

  3. Magnus can only beat hikaru in classical but in speed chess hikaru will always win

  4. They all see that shit so fast, its unreal, it really is

  5. It's nice to see some real excitement while playing chess. 😎

  6. dumb repetitive loud music at random times, please god just don't

  7. Trying to find just this game, without any spoonfeeding or highlights, is impossible to come by

  8. Nihal def has the potential to be the next best speed chess player, totally stoked to see his future developments.

  9. We are playing chess every morning and learning speed chess surely it will take sometime to get better. It makes you Crack your brains out. It's so mentally exhausting and stressful but rewarding.

  10. Magnus is a finish player he need to retired, grandpa can’t keep up no more

  11. The fact that Magnus blundered the bishop anyway made it even more funny. Great minds think alike. 😄

  12. Nihal defeated Anish and Ding and gave Hikaru a run for his money . But the highlight was definitely the final when the two titans of chess fought evenly matched with Hikaru a shade better .

  13. Should have included that Nihal resigned the next game vs Ding after the disconnect

  14. My 4 fav Chess people in 1 video , Sensei Danya the Prophet, GM Hess, Gotham and Hikaru

  15. His high-pitched squeal does not add to the action.

  16. Blitz and rapid are so much fun to watch compared to classical games

  17. This is why Hess and Naroditsky are my favourite commentary duo. They both, along with Levy, create such a HYPE atmosphere in these time crunches. Really makes for a brilliant viewer experience.

    Edit: no shade at any of the commentators I didn't mention above!

  18. GM Hess & Naroditsky are the GM's of Chess Casting. No offense so many GM's are TOTAL DUD when it comes to casting but these two are just on another level. It doesn't hurt the fact that're both native English speakers.

  19. The sportsmanship from Magnus at the end even though Hikaru was bleeding the time off the clock shows how great of a player Magnus is, both on and off the board.

  20. "Holy Cheezeballz" Daniel Naroditsky 2023


    1:39:50 Let’s simply take a minute to appreciate how much hours and effort he put into the vids?
    It's incredible, and I think they justify more than that.

  22. I watched a lot of this live, and it was so exciting.

  23. 9:20 – Hess: "If it is, Hikaru never wants to wake up" Just LOL🤣🤣

  24. The boys commentary is top draw, even Hess was getting over excited.

  25. Hess and Naroditsky saying "what a move" at the EXACT same time lol

  26. The Nihal trick was so smooth and smart that i noticed it when Hess and Naroditsky screamed.

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