Tata Steel Chess 2023 | Round 3 | Peter Svidler & David Howell commentate

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen and 13 more of the world’s best players compete in the 2023 Tata Steel Masters in Wijk aan Zee. Peter Svidler and David Howell commentate live.
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  1. I know how strong the commentators (Peter Svidler and David Howell) are at chess but still am impressed how well they can calculate and evaluate chess positions. I also like David as a person, great guy. But then you ask someone like Ding Liren, who looks so unassuming (you would think he checks one or two moves ahead and makes simple moves :D) to talk about what his analysis was during the game in some critical position and it will turn out that he saw twelve moves ahead with all their variations, it's crazy.

  2. Why is Peter endlessly interrupting David?? Is this the Peter lecture series? David is a much better commenter anyway IMO.

  3. Too many draws in classical at this level. Boring for masses. Classical Chess has a very small niche audience.

  4. Nice to see David come on to the "big kids" stream. Great commentary and coverage. Thanks.

  5. soon she will be A GM , she got 2 GM norms now , yesterday she won from a GM.

  6. Peter Svidler is definitely not a Keymer fan, never a positive word about the young man.

  7. Been waiting for this duo for two years. You couldn't find another team with such chill yet exciting commentary. These guys convey true passion for the game.

  8. Excellent analysis!!
    Amazing to see analysis of multiple games by a couple of GMs. Great work for future generation.

  9. This was awful to listen. Peter knows his chess, but he doesn't know his manners. Poor David.

  10. Peter Svidler is quoted as saying "UHHHH" and the famous "Ah"!

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