Tata Steel Chess 2023 | Round 8 | Peter Svidler & David Howell commentate

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen and 13 more of the world’s best players compete in the 2023 Tata Steel Masters in Wijk aan Zee. Peter Svidler and David Howell commentate live.
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  1. Wesley So is OLD? He is not even 30 yet.

  2. David should be main commentator. Peter forgets to update the board, misses when someone loses, when David has a rare chance to talk, Peter is quick to say "I saw this too". Peter seems like an overworked commentator, sure with a great knowledge but not a team player..

  3. Darn Peter, let David talk some! He is too polite to cut you off.

  4. If Pragg had won he would've been 2nd with 1/2 point behind 1st place & 1/2 point ahead of the 3rd place, If drawn he would've been tied in 2nd!

  5. I miss the Svidler / Gustafsson combo. Howell should stick to doing the beginner commentary with the women. Where are you at Radio Jan?

  6. For all the modernisation in chess why can’t the stop watch have the number of moves. Such a crime that Praggyananda lost the game. When there was so much of potential knowing him.

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