Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2017 Round 13 Nepomniachtchi v So

Daniel King analyses Nepomniachtchi v So the Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2017 Round 13.
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  1. The longest last name vs the shortest last name

  2. Thank you Daniel for your excellent analyses! What a cracking tournament! I'm very happy that Wojtaszek at last proved he belongs to the elite. Wesley so strong at the moment, Giri drawing from his vast experience, while Richard has a perfect rapport with the spirit of the game despite the disappointing performance.

  3. I said this at the beginning of this tournament that Wesley So is the most underestimated GM of midern times. He plays like Paul Keres. Wesley and Wei Yi are my two favorite GM. Also huge congrats to Adhiban in this tournament. He did extremely well.

  4. As if God would care who wins a chess tournament.

  5. How on earth can you go for such a line against any top GM ?? really bizar, what was Ian thinking after 0-0-0

  6. A different tournament I know, but huge credit must go to Nigel Short for a tremendous win against Caruana

  7. So was actually extremely lucky to win this tournament after games like in which for example Rapport was just absolutely suiciding after completely outplaying So. A deserved winner nonetheless, but to not even mention his extreme amount of luck to get there is like only telling half of the story.

    I could absolutely understand Carlsen ranting about this tournament aswell (after Rapid/Blitz WCS).

  8. Whenever you post a video it's a highlight of my day. Thank you.

  9. daniel could you possibly look at some of the games in gibraltar?

  10. A coroa de Carlsen esta em alto risco, eu apostaria no campeão (do torneio) So!

  11. I have to say, your coverage is the best, not deviating too much from the game, and make it easy to understand to average player!!

  12. Thanks for covering the tournament Dan! Well appreciated

  13. I think adhiban surprised most of us. I honestly underestimated him at the beginning of the tournament, but it turned out that he is a very strong player. I just became a fan of wei yi after watching this tournament, what a wonderkid, perhaps we have to wait him to "mature" to dethrone carlsen. Wesley is looking good, he keeps doing better in tournaments he participated in, maybe he would dethrone carlsen before wei yi got the chance, considering wesley's and carlsen's age gap is only 3 years it is unlikely but carlsen seems to have reached his peak, on the other hand wesley keeps improving in recent tournaments. I'm a bit disappointed with rapport for he didn't show his full potential as another young player to look for.

  14. Outstanding as usual! Enjoyed sessions Daniel!

  15. Pretty sad to see chess fans hating on So's PERSONAL CHOICE to thank the Lord. If he finds it right to thank the Lord for the mental strength and guidance to handle the work he has put into his victories then what right do any of you have to complain

  16. And he moves up to number 2 on the live FIDE rating list 16 points behind Magnus.

  17. Magnus ate his words on the very first round in his interview he told the reporter that GM So is pragmatic,, Who's Pragmatic now missing mate in 3 vs Giri and not winning an advantage position against karjakin losing to Rapport, Look who"s talking Magnus?

  18. Thanks a lot for the always insightful commentary on these tournaments.

  19. I find extremely baffling and depressing that someone able to be a extraordinarily good chess player can, at the same time, be so gullible to believe in god. It's like someone after giving a master class about general relativity says: "and also, two plus two equals five"
    Anyway. Thanks a lot for the analysis.

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