Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2021

♟ | 14 Tata Steel Masters in Wijk aan Zee, 13 rounds in a round-robin tournament, more than two weeks full of chess… and all followed online by millions of chess fans around the world!

Thank you all for an unforgettable Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2021! 💙


  1. What a profesionalism from tata steel to alireza…smh

  2. #JusticeForAlireza
    What they did to Alireza is a disgrace to the whole sport of Chess. FIDE should take action against Tata Steel. If Alireza had won the game he could have made it to the top 10! I mean who in their right minds would disturb a 6hr+ long classical Chess match in an elite tournament like this, fuckin disrespectful. Shame on Tata Steel Arbiters.

  3. Tata steel should pay penalty for disturbing Alireza's game like that. Alireza could have made it to the top 10 if he had won the game, Tata steel ruined his chance. FIDE should do something about this.

  4. It's ok Alireza Firouzja. Some time happen. Hope you will come back stronger.

  5. "You both cant win anymore, so you must move table now" F for firouzja and radoslaw

  6. The arbiters wouldn't see the break of dawn if they interrupted kasparov. My man would kill them on the spot😂😂😂. Disgusting

  7. terrorists fanatics in the comments. Ironically ali fled from you people. Like i said.. dont invite Alireza next time.. if hes so mad and cant understand tie break rules and his fans are so mad.. its okay.. dont come back next time. problem fixed

  8. Shame on the organisation
    Justise for alireza

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