Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2022 – Round 12 | Hosts Naroditsky and Steil-Antoni

The Tata Steel Chess Tournament in Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands, is one of the most prestigious over-the-board tournaments in all of chess. The tournament is a single round-robin and features Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, Anish Giri and some of the best players in the world! Everyone plays each other once for a total of 13 rounds. The 2021 tournament was won by Dutch GM, Jorden van Foreest!

Tata Steel Chess details:

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  1. MC getting a free win tomorrow, so this is over really.

  2. What a game between Sam and sergey

  3. Vidit it's all Black Lotus fault…. Cancel it

  4. Magnus is unbelievable. He’s playing the top chess players in the world and beating them with ease. Just amazing and a great time to be alive to be able to witness this greatness. Congratulations Magnus!

  5. Congratulations Arjun for challengers ❀️

  6. Vd you always rock for us! ❀️

  7. Whats happening in this tournament is lower rated players are getting a slight or even decent advantage in opening but are still beaten by higher rated players in middle or end game.And this is a true fact.

  8. 3:23:12 When you blunder more than one piece, and you want the world to know that you knew you have blundered.

  9. Arjun was so humble in his interview, wish him all the best for his career

  10. The red dress lady is like kaja from chess24, zero contribution to showing lines and variations only relies on other commentator to explain what's going on.
    Difference being kaja is no professional

  11. Why does everybody live Vidit tho? He's all pretty boy smiles so long as he's got what he wants. But this is the second time he's showing to be a sore ass loser, not looking the opponent in the eyes when resigning and body language all sulky little boy shit. True character shows in tough moments and he's really not doing great there. Especially with Prag, can't even bring himself to congratulate a fellow countryman and rookie for a great job. Compare this with Dubov for example, who's got a "reputation" yet resigned to van Foreest with a graceful smile and conversation. Tbh I can't stand Vidit and his broish dress style with "Italian" cut suits and gash logo hoodies. Pretty boy shit. I'll take Balenciabov any day πŸ˜‰

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