Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2023 | Official aftermovie

See you in Wijk aan Zee 💙.

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  1. Quem quer ver Supi no TATA STELL 2024 DEIXA O LIKE 🚂🚂🚂

  2. Hey, where's the full closing ceremony video?

  3. Johan Harvey Julian Sanchez Buitrago says:

    The Magnus's face at the final by the Giri hahahaha

  4. When's the closing ceremony going tobe uploaded ?

  5. Oh for God's sake give us the closing ceremony! Like how much editing does it take? I'll help.. Just comon already!

  6. Nodirbek is the best just he showed amazing games despite he us younger than other participants!Congratulation Nodirbek!🌟

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