Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2023 | Official aftermovie

See you in Wijk aan Zee 💙.

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  1. Jorden and Magnus with legend Sjaak Swart that is some content right there ^NL

  2. I love how it ends at 1:06 with Anish holding the trophy infront of Magnus and Abdusattorov. Just pure dominance.

  3. Nodirbek you did well, we’re proud of you❤🫶🏻

  4. Look at Magnus Carlsen's facial expression at the end! He's not hiding his dissatisfaction.

  5. I visited the tournament yesterday and feel like sharing my experience and realistic thoughts on this chess event format in general…. First and foremost, the air condition in the hall was a huge disaster (somewhat like a lockers room after a sports class). I can’t imagine GMs with a reasonable track record of success and an international prestige playing under these conditions. I feel like too few is said about the lack of effort put into creating an appropriate playing atmosphere for such top athletes. Chess at its highest level is an absolute art and few people are capable of doing what these individuals actually bring to the table. If chess is to become a sport of bigger magnitude it starts with giving these men the space they deserve. The Hall was crowded with fans that stacked densely up to the master boards. In my opinion a decent layout should be given, no matter the situation. Seated (!!) People call it “The Wimbledon of Chess”, however Roger Federer doesn’t play on ash pitches.

  6. 4 Time being runner up now also a champion ..what a story GM anish giri..👏👏👏

  7. That was the shortest aftermovie ever! Could def do more with it

  8. We would like to see the closing ceremony video, pls.

  9. Please dont invite Rapport anymore, its unfair for other participans. He is gifting Carlsen every time easy Wins and as we have seen yesterday, he has no fair mindset when he isnt fighting for top.

    Congrats to Anish, well deserved!

  10. Thank you Tata Steel – it was a blast! Please bring our Brazilian hero again to the challengers next year! Supi!!! 🚂

  11. After ending with second, his smile is incredible much respect for NODIRBEK

  12. Ratan Tata the true GOAT. Never runs behind making more money instead always gives opportunities to everyone. Simply spectacular event ❤️

  13. Job well done! Congrats to Anish Giri! keep rockin.

  14. Amazing tournament! Please bring Supi again next year!

  15. This video makes it look like Pragg was not in the tournament at all

  16. Nodirbek is definitely a tata steel champion in the future

  17. On the next competition NODIRBEK ABDUSATTOROV will get first place he is still KING OF CHESS we are proud of him.He has hidden talent and one day he shows his power against into current champion.🇸🇱🔥 Nodirbek you are the best champion of Uzbekistan go on break obstacles all the time your nation is ready to make a dua and support

  18. Quem quer ver Supi no TATA STELL 2024 DEIXA O LIKE 🚂🚂🚂

  19. Hey, where's the full closing ceremony video?

  20. Johan Harvey Julian Sanchez Buitrago says:

    The Magnus's face at the final by the Giri hahahaha

  21. When's the closing ceremony going tobe uploaded ?

  22. Oh for God's sake give us the closing ceremony! Like how much editing does it take? I'll help.. Just comon already!

  23. Nodirbek is the best just he showed amazing games despite he us younger than other participants!Congratulation Nodirbek!🌟

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