Teimour Radjabov’s solidity vs Magnus Carlsen’s genius | World Blitz 2023 Round 5

Teimour Radjabov is one of the best players in the world for almost 2 decades now. He has been former world no.4. Magnus Carlsen was up against him in round 5 of the World Blitz Championships 2023. Radjabov is known for his solidity and that is exactly the approach he took against an ambitious Magnus. Would Magnus be able to trick Radjabov, or would he get tricked. Check it out in the video.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Wow, what a whiny bunch in comments today. If you can’t understand chess without a 2D board, don’t watch.

  2. Must be nice being Magnus, knowing all you need is the two second increments. He can calmly sit, think and twiddle pieces as his time runs down. He doesn’t have that voice which lives in my head screaming move, move something, anything, just make a move now.

  3. Radjabov is the next anatoly karpov😊

  4. you need to display the chess matches with the computer view

  5. And Radja started with the Magnus gambit…..arriving late and adjusting the pieces

  6. Where is Digital Board.. Please add it, otherwise its Useless..
    I know you dont have time to edit videos… but.. that's love towards Chess, when you Give Experiance of Watching chess through the Digital Screen Chess Board of Live Game..

    Especily When their is Magnus Chess…

    Because you know, we are the people who below 2000 rated like.. 1500 1600 1700 rated people, who can only understand chess through the DIGITAL BAORD on Screen

  7. Why do people keep avoiding 8. c3, when Marshall's attack is safest way to a draw, and everyone wants a draw against Magnus? They don't afraid Breyer's variation, do they?

  8. is it that hard to upload the actual 2d chessboard with the moves like. we arent here to see magnus we are here to see chess moves

  9. Bro mee videos chala bagunai dont stop it

  10. Sagar please do commentary we are waiting for you 😢♜

  11. I mean it is appreciated that chessbase is uploading videos for us on a regular basis but kindly make sure to add the digital board too as it will be easy to comprehend the game

  12. For those who don't know Radjavov he was the equivalent of Alireza a very promising rising star who appeared to be World Champion material.

  13. Radja played a decent game but fell for a cheapo

  14. X-rays, Are the electromagnetic radiation used for medical diagnosis

  15. At least show a digital board on the side. That’s just a shame and a remark of incompetence on the uploaders part

  16. After Kasparov Radja was azarbaijan's biggest hope to get another World champion but now he is semi retired

  17. Also in the background Johan Sebastien vs pragg plz upload that game also Johan played some great moves great sacrifices and blew away pragg and Arjun or gukesh( confused between them) at the same day

  18. Where is Sagar Shah commentry without Sagar,s commentry it feels so boring

  19. 10:56
    That black kingside pawn majority always spelled trouble for Radjabov. It was only matter of time when black pawn breaks thru and becomes passer. Ho would you stop it ? To sac a rook is only way. But then all white position falls apart, rook is going to massacre rest of pawns.

    Radja did not want all that pain and suffering and did the right thing – resigned

  20. 09:30 Raja missed rxf2 tactic in time pressure then he never came back with a pawn down position..

  21. Happy new Year to the ChessBase India team and all it's subscribers, I've really enjoyed your content since joining recently

  22. Magnus’ endgame ability is just to good, even if he is in a losing position in the opening and even middle game he is able to always find a way to bring it back

  23. Vibe you get from them is more like Winner vs Loser

  24. Where’s the commentator nervously exclaims “oh my gawd, he takes the pawn” ::Indian accent::
    We need the guy back and commenting these games.

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