The $200,000 Game | Magnus Carlsen vs Wesley So | Champions Chess Tour Final 2023

GM Daniel King examines the game Magnus Carlsen vs Wesley So from the Champions Chess Tour Final 2023 . Support on Patreon: 🔥 ►Support via PayPal:

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  1. There’s a special place in hell for people that don’t love their pair of bishops.

  2. It's incomprehensible to me how you can aim for a slightly worse endgame, especially against Carlsen.

  3. Maybe chess hell isn’t that bad as we all imagine?

  4. When is Magnus going to be crowned the GOAT? Bobby, Garry and Paul quiet at the back please!. Class dismissed!

  5. I find it very puzzling that Wesley So should play h6 when he must have known Bc3 was coming, making an f6 response just about mandatory. With both moves played, Black has chronic white square weaknesses which were efficiently exploited by Carlsen. This all appears pretty obvious to me, I would have rejected h6 with almost no thought and I'm only a mediocre club player; so why did the hugely strong So not do the same?

  6. GOAT was in great form, while So was just a bit off. Or maybe GOAT just makes mortals like So look like they're off 😅

  7. @PowerPlayChess
    Thanks for another fantastic analysis of an interesting game.
    Now I might be the only one feeling this way, or it might be "beyond the possibilities", but I for one would really appreciate to see the "clock" in the graphic, specifically for "rapid games". As being aware of the "time" (imho) would give an even better understanding of "balance" between the players as well as motivations behind their moves. Just a thought.
    Best regards.

  8. On the contrary what you state in the commentary, it doesn't look that So understand very well the endings coming from this sub-variation of Tarrasch Defence, otherwise he would not play a rubbish move like h6 instead of the natural f6 followed by Ke8-f7. Even play h6-h5 to stop the lethal Bh5+ was not hard to see for a top GM, also in a rapid game.
    Thus, Wesley So played really badly in this game, and in general his understanding of chess is pretty inferior to Magnus Carlsen.

  9. Sorry, but black was losing this opening by move seven.

  10. This is why I like faster time controls (for top 10 players and their RR tournaments) than classical. There's too much theory influenced by massive amounts of computational analysis. To those who wish to disagree with me, I'd point out that the main reason Magnus doesn't defend his WC title is opening theory. Here, he plays a simple move and because there is limited time it throws off Wesley leading to a relatively simple strategic mistake. If he tried this in a classical time control, Wesley would probably not have had any issues.

    Magnus brilliance is not diminished or hidden by faster time controls. Rather the opposite, opening analysis allows weaker players to close the gap.

    It's ridiculous that the greatest player of all time doesn't want to defend his title, because he doesn't want to set aside half the year to study theory. He'd rather just play chess. I can't blame him a bit.

  11. It appears that once these pretenders have to think for themselves they flounder and their true strength manifests .

  12. I love games like this. Magnus Carlsen plays them just like going for a morning walk. It's really his gift to the chess world that we have this seemingly endless flow of masterpieces that look easy but just try to do that yourself and you'll see it isn't easy.

  13. As usual Carlsen keeps posing awkward questions. Very tough to find the answers with limited time. Thanks Daniel.

  14. Masacre. Not very good to see these days…or not

  15. H6 is a strange move, since it's clear that the king has to go to f7. Really ugly holes on the kingside, which was rightly penalised.

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