The American Cup 2023: Day 10

Live from the World Chess Hall of Fame, two double-elimination tournaments feature the best overall chess players and the best women players in America! Today features the rapid elimination grand final match between Hikaru Nakamura and Wesley So. Plus, coverage of The American Cup Blitz at The Chase Park Plaza Hotel, a nine-round G/3+2 Swiss. Join GMs Yasser Seirawan, Cristian Chirila, & IM Jovanka Houska for the move-by-move.


Hikaru Nakamura vs. Wesley So
* if the match is tied 1-1, two-game (G/10+5) playoff. If then tied 2-2, two-game (G/3+2) playoff. If then tied 3-3, Armageddon (5v4 min).


  1. Great chess, but production could use help. Terrible camera angles, no analysis board, needs a separate live board, unengaging commentators with golf voices. I watch every single chess event but this one was tough.

  2. Аркадий Чернобровкин says:

    Thanks for the streams! Yasser Seirawan🔥🔥🔥 Cristian Chirila🔥🔥🔥Jovanka Houska🔥🔥🔥

  3. Аркадий Чернобровкин says:

    Ggs Fabi! 💪🔥

  4. Аркадий Чернобровкин says:

    Wesley So! 🔥🔥🔥

  5. This win for GM hikaru was a knockout to Alex Botez if you know what I mean. Hikaru not winning a best streamer award proves the award was fraud. Hikaru plays a meaningful chess event wins it all after do a recap was the true best chess streamer… Humility! Would the botez sis congratulate Hikaru for his win?

  6. The video angle in this event can be improved. Earlier last year you could see both players. Now you rarely get to see both live player reaction after a move, for instance , when So blundered Qd2 in the final game, you could not see Nakamura reaction.

  7. Wesley has such a sweet spirit about him. Easy to root for.

  8. Just getting into chess and didn’t know Wesley before this tournament but I have to say he is one of my favorites now. Very humble and very good at chess!

  9. Wes just said Naka has very good preparation. Still Wes opted not to hire seconds and coach. You can manage time better if you have good preparations. Still Wes rely only to himself on opening preparations.

  10. The game not enteresting because blander of wesly is very simple ,,that move is for not a grand master

  11. The way I look at the game, Wesley just HANDED it to Nakamura ! They could still have time and Wesley has moves to neutralize Hikaru.

  12. I wonder why Wesley quit the game for he has moves to even it! ANY NOVICE PLAYERS SAW THOSE MOVES! JUST MY OPINION, WHAT'S YOURS?

  13. i cant believe they didnt show the players reactions when Wesley played Qxd2

  14. Wesley still number 1 chess player in my heart! ❤

  15. Probably Naka since he stream feels more "liberated" with less pressure, he seeks to have fun and that's how he gets great results, playing without pressure is a new asset in his sleeve .
    Many thanks to Nasser and Jovanka for their insightful comments !

  16. Good games. Grats Hikaru and nice effort Wesley.

  17. More tournaments should adopt a no-draw agreement rule. Love it!

  18. Wesley is a great guy, no doubt. But he lacks KILLER instincs, put pressure on the opponent until he cracks… like Magnus does.

  19. AI is supposed to eliminate a lot of jobs, but I had never considered AI taking away chess coaching/seconds/chess practice websites. That is pretty interesting, to see who in the future can provide a paid service to improve someone's chess game better than an AI can

  20. Why are the women paid lower amounts? Thats not right at all should be the same payout for both men & women.

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