The Best Chess Set Ever. Link in description!


  1. The white Bro literally sacrificed the queen when he could with the bishop 💀

  2. The strongest player you’ll meet in your childhood is the final boss “ The GRAND PA!!!”

  3. That is not checkmate😂 the bishop😂😂😂😂

  4. Except that the board has creases when u buy it. I would rather get a wooden board that either folds or not.

  5. Not gonna make me better at chess tho;(

  6. I don't need a chessboard to beat friends and family🗿

  7. I have this set and while I usually prefer solid boards to mats, I love this one.

  8. These are the same chess pieces you can get anywhere but for like $12. Why would you pay $50?

  9. $60 and no wooden board or knight bishop rook promotions what a scam

  10. Ma man you got scammed its all same chess set with pipe to easy go with chess

  11. Good luck having the most wobbly board after 2 weeks

  12. I saw this at Barnes and Noble and i was so tempted to buy it but it was 50 bucks😭

  13. Wooden chess board >>>>>>>>

    I myself have better than this mat board but wooden boards are classy

  14. i can easily beat my family, i don’t even need chess

  15. You are going to fight with him and him💀🗿

  16. Bought a chess board to play the both side

  17. My anxiety seeing the board 📈📈

  18. I got this board I think last year, and it is quite nice. It's difficult to knock over the pieces, so bullet games are easy to continue.

  19. I have one like this one but a wooden chess set

  20. ♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️♟️

  21. What? The board looks so cheap like tarpaulin

  22. the board is actually better than most wooden magnetic boards, the pieces are sturdy and do not fall off and are very big and nice to hole, i tried it out for myself, I actually recommend it

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