The Best Chess Tournament Of My Life

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In 2016, I played in the Millionaire Chess Open (3rd Edition) in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It was the best tournament performance of my life. I played many grandmasters and had the best score… ever.

3:01 ROUND 3 VS. BRUZON, 2660
7:04 ROUND 4 VS. GOROVETS, 2543
13:01 ROUND 5 VS. BARBOSA, 2515
22:38 ROUND 6 VS. CORDOVA, 2640
27:32 ROUND 7 VS. ZHEREBUKH, 2612

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  1. Levy, you madman. You play like this, you get Grandmaster. YOU HEAR ME? Get savage, my brother!

  2. Rd6 was a nice one…..he calculated it all the way till the end….it was a stockfish type move

  3. You make me want to play tournaments, looks like a real emotional ride

  4. "Its your boy 20 year old gotham" i laughed so hard at that

  5. ''Put people in uncomfortable positions, and maybe good things will happen''

    -Levy Rozman, 2021

  6. "i met an unrated player who was just traveling the world playing chess" thats awesome ahhaah

  7. When I saw the thumbnail I thought.
    Wait Did levy play against Fabiano??

  8. I like how the higher your elo, the more you ascend into monke see monke do mode.

  9. Anyone think he looks like Fabi in thumbnail? 😂

  10. "This is where I went Mega giga ultra super brain"

    – Mega Giga ultra super brain IM Levy Rozman, 2021

  11. When I watch your videos chess looks simple tbh

  12. At 14:42 , why would your opponent not take your queen with Nc3? Seems like the more logical move then bring out the bishop, no?

  13. You look like Fabiano Caruana from the thumbnail

  14. 0:330:56 left side. Magnus be like🫣 PEEKABOO ITS ME. WORLD FAMOUS MAGNUS CARLSON HERE.

  15. 6:23 the fact that a 2000+ don't see kd3 makes me feel like stockfish

  16. You're such an inspirational chess player and you don't give yourself enough credit Levy :))

  17. If you ever need another random guy, I'll jump in and no chance I beat you. You're welcome.

  18. imagine at the end of the last game the ref tells you again that he was actually right and he did calculate that you have to win

  19. Hey Levy! Great videos by the way. I was just wondering do you remember your games? Like do you assume you played this or are you able to remember moves past the openings etc…?

  20. I don't like how you're too slick, but you got game, nice thumbnail and titles. Very compelling.

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