The Best Moments From Frank vs. CDawg | Pogchamps 5 Championship Bracket Final

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  1. if you think about it, Frank really allowed that mate in 1 in the first game just to taunt Cdawg and beat him mercilessly giving him a slower death. Truly the greatest GM ever to be

  2. Out of all Pogchamps 5 matches I've watched… This is the most entertaining! For the players to spot brilliant tactics is impressive. Of course, it is a 1200 quality game, but at least it is less painful too watch compared to the 300-400 rating matches.

  3. Game 3 Bishop h6 must be the greatest PogChamps Comeback ever.. what a High risk high reward move! a worthy final

  4. Levy getting the full Hikaru experience watching his student throw so hard

  5. Congrats to Connor! Good job on beating a kid up.

  6. there's different pressure between finding good moves on real board chess and online chess…finding Bh6 is an insane discovery on the real board…!!

  7. Frank only lost because it was irl so he didn't get to do his live commentary

    "and he takes and we take, ooh but he's got this, this is not lookinng tasty guys!"

  8. I was wondering if he will do some Jojo one liners

  9. Frank could've done better if he was able to express himself loudly, ngl it's his loudness and expressiveness that really make the difference

  10. Idk who is frank, but his face is so pucnhable

  11. 6:50 This sequence is too funny ๐Ÿ˜‚ (and I'm playing at 1100 lol)

  12. They shouldn't do otb for the next one. It makes the event fancier and adds some gravitas but players get too shy and polite face to face and can't talk their usual shit! Frank did great for a 16 yo but you could tell he was nervous to be there. Also just doesn't make sense to me when pretty much all the participants only ever play online chess and all the other games in the event were online. Thats like the NFL adding an extra 20 yards to the field for the Super Bowl.

  13. Utter pain to watch, no offence to frank or cdawg

  14. Is that Alexandra Botez commentating? 2.5 to 1???

  15. brozne wars ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚

  16. If xqc actually showed up for his match it would be xqc vs conner

  17. When the highlights are bad advertisement

  18. In my opinion something was lost going to over the board. Frank screaming at the camera was by far the most interesting part, they are steamers… they should be streaming

  19. Tell 'Frank' to keep his fingers out of his mouth, its disgusting while touching chess pieces

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