The Chess Cheating Scandal, Explained | WSJ

A report from alleging that grandmaster Hans Moke Niemann likely cheated in over 100 online games upended the chess world in October. WSJ explains how a player might bypass security measures to win a game.

Illustration: Adele Morgan

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  1. If you cheat once, your reputation gets tainted and your word becomes untrustworthy.

  2. How are these players allowed to have their phones on them during tournaments involving prize money? And leave to use bathroom breaks with them on? Y'all need better security, straight up

  3. This is bs, Carlsen never accused him of anything…

  4. People who over explain by misdirect into a story that shows little bit of guilt are doing way too much to prove their innocence because I professionally situation should let a separate entity do a review

  5. with the 0% information i got from this video i dont think he cheated

  6. whatch his other matches its embarrassing to watch

  7. So Just speculation, You should provide hard evidence before saying someone is guilty.

  8. He's way too loud to be a good chess player

  9. He didn't cheat, Magnus is just a wuss and can't accept it

  10. Oh, i thought the most infamous ceating chess player is Dewa Kipas, he's viral in Indonesia.

  11. The missed opportunity to upend the chess board in the opening shot has me pausing

  12. Him and Patrick Reed (pro golfer) must be good buddies.

  13. Niemann's attitude and haircut makes him look unhinged and a liar.

  14. Chess engine analysis said that Carlson made mistakes in his game. We shouldn't assume cheating without evidence. Intuition or not being nervous are not strong enough evidence to accuse someone of cheating. Nobody should rush to conclusions.

  15. Nobody is saying how he cheated. All these ways he couldn't of done

  16. “Hans pound chest. Chest speak for itself.” — Tarzan

  17. i despise cheating in any way shape or form ,shows bad character and i would ban someone for life for doing so

  18. Chess is like one of my favorite sports outside of pool golf & bowling. It's so difficult yet fun

  19. Beginning of the video I was like how do you cheat in Chess. Then I realized it's being played online. That makes sense cause I used to have websites that showed me moves to make as I played.

  20. just from observations on competitive games, the common occurrences of cheating (where it us kinda readily available) are people who are newer who immediately resorted to it, and people who are already one of the best thinking they deserve the highest ranks and they cheat to achieve that

  21. why is Magnus carlsen crying. Maybe cuz he got beat at his own game. now he is trying to ruin peoples lives with that. Hans should sue him

  22. let them play in a booth where we the audience cant see them, inside are cameras to check if they are cheating in there, and also delay the broadcast to the audience till the game is already played. Therefore no outstander can send some moves to Hans because when the audience watch the game between the two its already over. Sad but i think thats the only way to limit such cheaters.

  23. Then he is a genius now he mean but how he can cheat in his young age he might be more strong

  24. Trips to the bathroom ploy?!!!🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

  25. Just came here to vent. Been playing and time after time I get matched with cheats. Ohhh he only cheated online. It is horrible and aggravating when you face these idiots. Once a cheat always a cheat. Kudos to Magnus. He should be banned for life. Thank you Magnus for standing up to these vile people.

  26. its just simple nieman can just copy Magnus moves and matching him wtih a bot in his phone and then copy what the bots do into their actual game

  27. Magnus has lost to others before. He doesnt complain when you’ve actually bested him. But when a guy that beats you cant explain the reasoning of their moves, its very fishy. Even elos under 1500 can explain the game they played. A gm that is unable to do so makes it very suspicious.

  28. Hans cmoon man we all know you cheated… Just clear your name by admitting you're a cheater and move on…

  29. Wait a second 😮his hair, what if he’s hiding a device under his poofy hair lol

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