The Chess Tournament Arc | Trash Taste Special

We couldn’t find a good chess anime… so we made our own.

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  1. I thought it was just a myth but the antagonist don't win truly………💀💀

  2. Literal plot armor kicked in, I can understand Connor, I'm so tilted myself.. omg…
    ALSO: talking shittalking your opponent is literally what made IdrA so popular in the StarCraft scene~

  3. This was super enjoyable. We need a season 2 with connors redemption arc.

  4. I only k ow something is happening when someone is screaming but good vid

  5. Is there anywhere to watch the full tournament?

  6. Hahaha Connor got too confident hahaha

  7. Long live the champion! Congrat Garnt!

  8. Aranhawaii is dressed like he's about to tell people they don't know how to tie their shoes.

  9. Chess tournaments season two the double elimination round

  10. i want pewdiepie and some other indian player like samay raina and tanmay bhat

  11. When it comes to chess with Connor it's always an anime.

  12. Because of the way this is edited I can't follow the games. Is the full version posted somewhere else?

  13. I think the goat was joey the fact that he recently played chess for the first time is honestly amazing

  14. when Connor dont talk he’s so handsome the second he opens his mouth be become goofy monkey

  15. Gigguk won by Chokedawg at the end. For all the playing around he did in his first games, Connor really did mess up by losing in such an underwhelming fashion 😛

  16. I’ve really never understood why chess is timed. It just means that potentially less skilled players can win against better players just by stalling. And so what if players take 5, 10 minutes to think of a move? Chess isn’t the most riveting game in the world to watch anyway, and if someone takes 10 minutes to think of a move, you can be dang sure that it’s the best move they can think of. And if everyone is playing at their best, then you get a better understanding of the players’ true skill

  17. They should've played with legit boards so bad rules like that couldn't ruin their matches. The computer version is terrible compared to straight up regular boards because that draw would've never happened in the real version.

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