The Dirtiest World Chess Championship EVER

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Karpov vs Korchnoi, 1978 World Chess Championship. The controversies and chess games for beginners and intermediate players analyzed.

0:00 Intro
0:57 Game 2/8 and Controversies
5:29 Game 11 Drama
10:25 Game 17 Drama
17:03 Game 28 Drama
23:08 Game 32

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  1. This commentator is the world champion in his own mind,typical arrogant AMERICAN.

  2. I imagine Karpov must be enjoying the moment near the end of game six. "Bro, you gonna resign or? C'mon that pawn is unstoppable… How the table have turned"

  3. I so wanted Korchnoi to win as I watched this video

  4. "He's coming off the high of wanting to beat up the hypnotist" is a hell of a sentence

  5. I believe this is what Chess the musical was made upon

  6. I like you to do the world chess championship match between Capablanca and Alekhine

  7. Are you able to to do the Capablanca vs Alekhine world chess championship of 1927?

  8. 40 moves and they break for the day? How is that legit? That's like consulting a computer mid game.

  9. If this is the wildest ride of your life, you need to get out a bit more

  10. This chess match is more raw than even grudge matches in fgc

  11. Karpov had a good reason to be upset with Korchnoy, actually. At some point, Korchnoy was restricted to leave the country by Soviet government, which meant he couldn't play international

    events. Karpov said that for a man who loves chess as Korchnoy this restriction was worse than death and used his own authority in SSSR officials to allow Korchnoy to break the iron curtain under his own responsibility. He put a career at risk to help Korchnoy play an international event. He guaranteed Korchnoy will not run away. At the first visit of foreign country, Korchnoy ran. He didn't even arrive at the hotel from the plane. Karpov was devastated by this betrayal. And after what he did Korchnoy, who become an anti-soviet icon, actually gave dirty comments about Karpov looks and personality to press. So yeah, good reason to be upset as Karpov.

  12. rook a1 and rook a2, there's no way to defend the black horsey on a5, is that why Korchnoi resigned?

  13. is that food or is it sauce in your beard? or is it something else?

  14. or you make the same mistake over and over and over and over and over and over

  15. it's a nice technique by karpov because he likes to restrict his opponent's possibilities. by making a move and resigning his opponent has no possibility of offering a draw or making a move

  16. This still tops the current controversy with Magnus withdrawing.

  17. the documentary which describes this match is called "chess: a state of mind", you can find it here on youtube

  18. I read about the whole saga in a book, when I was about 10 years and just started learning chase. I believe it was 1996 or so. Well, I guess Gotham must have been in nappies.
    I increased my ELO rating by 700 times since then (1 as a starter of course). Gotham, on the other hand, just 3 times (800 to start with) 😋 Now, as I proved myself as a much better learner than Gotham, i'll try and find the book in our local library when I go back home next time.
    There was an epic match depicted on that book where Kesperov (may be, or not) as a 14 years old sacrificed his queen by move 17 against then world champ, and won by move 62 or so barely taking anytime between 14 till the winning move.

  19. In the 1974 August edition of the South African Chessplayer magazine there was a game anotised by Peter Aalbersberg of Dawid van Deventer beating a 2100 elo rated opponent in 13 moves. My question is whether he resigned unnecessary.

  20. As a chess player Karpov is a giant. As a human being – especially in the light of recent events – he is doomed to live in forever infamy.

  21. As asked by you in the video for suggestions regarding whether you should analyse more historical games or players I suggest you do some videos on mikhail tal. I know you have analysed some of tal's games but there's so much more!

  22. Well, nothing beats the craziness of Spassky (I think) playing against Karpov; he was smoking during the games, and deliberately blowing smoke puffs in Karpov's face.

  23. 19:56 "Karpov kinda bites himself in the foot" 🤣 I'm going to use this mashup of 2 phrases from now on, it's like a malapropism but it actually works!

  24. karpov: eats a yoghurt
    levy: so very karpovian…

  25. I enjoy the way Lev breaks these games down. I also, like the color commentary!

  26. Thanks for covering this amazing World Championship! Nick 🙂

  27. Golden times of Chess! Russian school in Chess: the best way to go.

  28. Karpov is in Baguio Philippines right now where he won the 1978 World Championship

  29. Interesting that the way to beat Karpov in general seems to be to play like Karpov. Garry Kasparov also had a winning game against Karpov that Levy analyzed where he played very slowly and methodically. To beat Karpov’s strategy of being rock solid against tactical play, the strategy seems to be to play as slow as he does or even slower to throw him off and make the best moves against your position aggressive moves that are outside of his comfort zone.

  30. It bugs me when somebody is showing a game of champions, that they interject alternative moves "that the best in the world could have done".
    It is really confusing to understand—-who is playing the game, and why the best in the world made those moves.
    Are you on coke?

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