The Fastest Wins In Magnus Carlsen’s Career

These are The Fastest Wins In Magnus Carlsen’s Career


not ludwig 😉


  1. Wait a minute the fm master is not checkmate he can block with his knight and queen eat it checkmated

  2. It’s pretty obvious that Bill Gates doesn’t play much chess. Just because he’s smart in life doesn’t mean he’s a smart chess player.

  3. great video, but please don´t flip the board for like 2 seconds. only confuses. I actually have to look away so not to distract me.

  4. for the IQ that they talk about, his chess is horrible. I think he is more interested in owning the World Health Organisation and mandating his world domination game play,

  5. for a person that barely knows how to play chess this was very hard to digest

  6. Man i can barely get out of bronze 11

  7. 1:33
    White rook at f1
    Black moves queen to e7
    White rook to h1
    Black knight to f4 with check
    This forces white bishop to f4
    Black queen moves to g7, protecting white rook from advancing to h8 and checking the king

    Would this defense work?

  8. Didn't he freak out when he got beat not long ago? Like big time ?

  9. Me at 3 am watching this pretending I understand anything.

  10. Indeed magnus is a very good player

  11. "This is nothing like defeating Espen Magdestein"…
    Lol, that is Magnus manager….

  12. my only issue is the comentator is basing the time off the clock and quick changes increse the time not to mention in real time it will be much more as the comentator does not take into account the fact there oponents clock so yea even if he beat them with 1 minute to spare his oponent used like 3 minutes and both players would have had an increse of time when fast moves where made soo the timing literally meens nothing.

    dont get me wrong magnus is AWSOME but claiming its his fastest wins is complete BS.

  13. Its a draw game with that indian GM,cuz Magnus wanna go toilet,he had stomach pain

  14. Its a draw game with that indian GM,cuz Magnus wanna go toilet,he had stomach pain

  15. its about chess but the constant switching from view makes it unwatchable ;(

  16. This commentator is shit bro especially for the Bill Gates game bro callee castling the worst move when it wasn't and bro doesn't know shit about theory and openings he calls book moves bad and good like wth bro

  17. Bro your like”OMG he defeated the richest man in the world😮”who cares if he don’t how to play

  18. Magnus defeated Bill gates and laughed but Bill gates would be laughing at his bank balance all his life

  19. I dont eaven know shesh hahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  20. Sergay could have just taken the pawn with the bishop

  21. I love how he rapes Bill Gates. Somebody should do this to his farm lands.

  22. Spiel nicht gegen jemanden Schach der nicht mal die Regeln kennt !!!
    Ein fairer Kämpfer und einer mit stolz und Ehre erklärt seinem Rivalen alles

  23. Magnus know how to get good sacrifices

  24. Kill gates no sabe ver cuando un mate se aproxima 😂

  25. who do all this videos contain 10-1.5 hours just talk when all i want to see is the game in its speediness.

  26. Gates isn’t now and wasn’t then the richest man in the world.

  27. Beating Bill Gates isn't that impressive because Bill Gates is really an idiot.

  28. subscribe if you don't want Magnus to mate you!

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