The Feeling Of Winning A World Chess Championship

That feeling when you make history for the first time in a DECADE. Ding Liren is the new FIDE World Champion after defeating Ian Nepomniachtchi in a STUNNING tiebreaker following an emotional rollercoaster of a match.

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  1. The story of Ding Liren's Road to become World chess champion:

    The Candidates qualifiers:

    1. July 2021: Ding is unable to play the World Cup (the first candidates qualifier) due to Chinas Corona Restrictions

    2. October 2021: Ding along with 12 of the 20 top players decided not to play The Fide Gran Prix (the second candidates qualifier), due to Covid concerns

    3. February 2022: Ding misses the first Gran Prix round (The third candidates qualifier) due to healt issues

    4. March 2022: Ding misses the second Gran Prix round due to China's Covid restrictions f'ing up his Visa application

    5. Even though Ding is the 2nd highest rated in the world at this point the wildcard has already been given to Teimor Radjabov

    5. Ding is out of contention at this point, largely due to factors beyond his control

    The twist:

    1. Karjakin decides to endorse and make fun of victims in an active war zone and is disqualified from any FIDE events for 6 months

    2. The regulations says the highest rated player on the next months rating list will be the replacement

    3. But Ding has not played enough games and is considered inactive unless he plays 28 classical games in a single month

    4. He joins a series of tournaments that will allow him to reach 30 games, but he still has to maintain his rating and not drop below Aronian or Wesley So

    5. He not only maintains but even gains rating up to 2806 and is awarded Karjakins spot to the Candidates 2022.

    (There was some controversy though as the 28 games was mainly played against his countrymen and most of them signficantly lower rated than him at that. Though most top players agrees that due to him being the clear nr 2 in the world combined with his unfortunate circumstances he deserved the final spot).

    The Candidates:

    1. June 2022 Ding get's off to a horrible start, losing his first game to Nepo

    2. He then goes on a 7 game draw streak and stays stuck on a -1 score while Nepo and Fabi sparates themselves as favourites with +4 and +3 respectively.

    3. Ding is mostly considered out of contention at this point, but out of nowhere he goes on a 3 game win streak, Beating fabi in the process!

    4. However his momentum is stopped dead by a brutal loss to Teimor Radjabov, and Nepo wins the Candidates with an insane +5 score with 2 rounds to spare!

    5. But for the first time in history the second place in the candidates tournament might actually matter because of Carlsens announced intention to not defend his title.

    6. At this point Ding and Nakamura are the only players except Nepo with a + score, but Naka is at +2 and Ding is at +1, and as if written they will be playing each other in the final round!

    7. Ding Liren HAS to beat Nakamura on demand to get the possible second Championship match spot. And the guy god damn goes and does it! Therby bringing himselves to +2 and taking Naka down to +1 at the same time!

    8. Magnus proceeds to step down from the title, and the two world championship challengers are Ding and Nepomniachtchi!

    The Championship Match:

    1. After Game 1 Ding is candid about struggling mentally and feeling depressed

    2. In game 2 disaster strikes, Ding loses with White. Giving Nepo the lead which is normally a significant advantage due to only needing draws.

    3. In game 3 Ding holds a hard draw with black, and in Game 4 he strikes back! The score is even and it's basically down to a 10 game match now.

    4. Pandemonium ensues. Nepo immediately strikes back in game 5 and takes the lead again, but Ding comes back and equalizes again in game 6!

    5. But wouldn't you know it Nepo goes and wins game 7 and Ding is down in the match for the third time at the half point of the match, and Nepo finally stablizes and draws game 8.

    6. After 3 more draws, by Game 12 Ding only has 2 games left with the advantage of the white pieces. But by this point there is one thing you can count on; Ding Liren does NOT stay down, and he somehow manages to fight back and win again to equalize the score!

    7. The last 2 classical games are draws and they are going to Tiebreaks!!

    Tie breaks:

    1. In a 4 game rapid match Ding randomly picks white first, but Nepo holds a draw.

    2. Game 2 is a draw as well, and in his final white game Ding is actually on the verge of losing but manages to survive.

    3. Nepo has the advantage of White in the last game and get's a good position.

    4. The game is extremely complicated but in the end it seems like it will end in a draw. But to everyones surprise Ding declines the repetiton and starts pressing for a win!

    5. Playing the extremely risky looking Rg6 he manages to outplay Nepo in a completely chaotic position, and with seconds remaining on the clock Ding becomes the new World Champion!

    6. Something incredible is that in a match with this many twists and turns; Ding didn't lead the match a single time until the very moment Ian resigned the final game!


    Anyone who says Ding doesn't deserve to be world champion needs to educate themselves. The amount of adversities this guy had to overcome to get to where is now, the amount of setbacks he faced and the amount of times he got back up and fought back is honestly one of the most inspiring feats I've seen in my life!

    As a Norwegian it hurts to see Magnus go, but I can't think of anyone more deserving of taking his place at this point.

    Congratulation World Champion Ding Liren!

  2. If your choices are China and Russia you're fucked either way…

  3. It almost looks like it was reversed once it was over, that Ding lost and Ian won, if you take away the scenes where Ian fidgets the pieces and almost throws whatever he had in his hand when walking away.

  4. I do respect Magnus Carlsen. But he had to withdraw his champion title because of Hans Niemann's "cheating" scandal and WCC became interesting… again…

  5. It was indeed heartbreaking to see. It was 99,99% clear this would be a tie. And then in the last minute. Most brutal change of plans ever. Nobody could have expected this, which makes it mentally so hard for Ian. That was a difficult moment to watch. Joy and tears being so close to each other.

  6. The second shake from Ding. Made it I really real for him.

  7. Russian nazi lost 🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉

  8. Seeing Ian fidgeting on the pieces and then fumbling on the chair broke my heart although i was rooting for Ding……

  9. Rough. Really hurts to watch Nepo. Both are wimners.

  10. Congrats to diren on winning the world championship. I wish there was an indian in top 10 ranking after vishwanathan Anand. But the future is bright for indian chess.

  11. One of the greatest chess games in chess world championship history! Congrats Ding Liren! You're so awesome!

  12. Congratulations, Ding on becoming the unofficial WC.

  13. gotta say, maybe Ian didnt win the title but for me they both won. we saw their games, it lasted 14 + 3 games tied. I believe they are about equal.

  14. I hope Ian wins next time, and then have Alireza become the next Magnus after that. Both Ding and Ian are so likeable. Ding is very humble, and Ian is just a down-to-earth guy, and you just wish both could succeed.

  15. It'd be an even BETTER feeling if the best chess player in the world wasn't chilling somewhere else, not competing. Lolz

  16. Both players did extremely well with world class performance. Unfortunately, one can only win even if both deserve to be winners. Ding appears relieved that it is over as if he is even lost the game.

  17. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Wow, and what’s crazy is that this will never happen if Magnus decided to play in the world championship 😂 congrats Ding! It’s his destiny to win it

  19. Way to go Ding. I watched the tournament all the way through. You are an inspiration to so many.

  20. "Is he playing for a win?" most awesome phrase ever (maybe)

  21. Ian can continue now to not miss any meals from home.

  22. Damnnnnn i hope this is just a trailer, anh hope that they will make a movie about this

  23. Damn, what a rollercoaster this Championship has been. Both players absolutely deserved to win, but in the end it could only be one.
    Special shoutout to Magnus who made this thriller possible 😉

  24. In my eyes if u have the courage to surprise your opponent with a london opening and win with it! you deserve to win the world championship 🙂

  25. What abut the felling of losing the world championship,why nobody is taking about Ian

    has it been determined as to

    how much processing power
    and memory a computer
    would need to catalog
    every possible move?
    if yes,
    where does one go to
    down load the completed
    is there is another means?

  27. Škoda..někdy se vezeme na jedné chybě do druhých kolejí.. bez uchopení obranného útoku. 👏😉

  28. Some part of me is happy for dings victory but Ian's lose 😔

  29. possibly unpopular opinion: neither of this deserve to be world champion such an inaccurate game with so many blunders. neither of them are close to magnus and the fact he didn't want to play because it wouldn't have been a challenge only further highlights this.

  30. Felt extreme joy and extreme sadness at the same time.

  31. If Ding didn’t offer that second handshake Ian would have thrown that water bottle.

  32. One Ding to rule them all 👏👏👏

  33. Ding chilling = Ding Pinning = Ding Winning. Congratulation ding!

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