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  1. Enjoyed this overview even more than the official livestream yesterday. But please rest for as long as you need before creating the next overview! If your COVID turns into Long COVID then 2024 will be worse for millions of us!

  2. Me getting an ad 6mins in🤡

    You did it again Levy 🥸👏

  3. 30:59 is officially my new Tesla horn sound… if I had one.

  4. Joke's on you Gotham. I don't gets ads for the last 32 minutes

  5. I stopped watching after your shameless start

  6. Levy "Wesley Sniping" with a straight face. New Jack Chess.

  7. Levy, if someone got better than you at chess because of your tutorials.. What would you do?

  8. Levy never fails to get COVID and not show up to commentate

  9. I love to see so much French flags in your video

  10. What I learned from this. Magnus begins with a 1/2 pawn advantage in any endgame. GMs make inaccuracies immediately after they stop copying computer moves.

  11. for the moment i thought to watch soccer 24:58 not to know how that is

  12. congratulations on the new camera setup. incredible clarity.

  13. It makes your neck worse to crack it all the time.

  14. Kramnik must be crazily happy today

  15. i watched the whole thing in livestream yesterday. came here to see levy speaking on alireza's game. it was so cool i literally clapped when he won😭😭

  16. “Wesley Sniping with the bishop” 😂😂😂🤣

  17. I should've known the thumbnail wasn't what i thought it was. You couldve shown image of magnus and hikaru vs people they're actually playing, but i guess we all gotta know who's worth paying attention to or something

  18. Wesley sniping with the Bishop, intentional play on words or happy accident?

  19. I don't even like Wesley so hikaru needs to stop losing to this guy

  20. i want someone to beat celing-fish and baby carlsen.


  22. I support Hikaru, hikaru is the best ❤

  23. When he said Wesley is Sniping with the bishop I couldn't not laugh. hahah

  24. Kramnik must be thrilled about Hikaru’s performance

  25. How do i send games to levi for guss the elo

  26. "Wesley Sniping with the bishop"

    Well played. Absolutely well played

  27. Levy never fails to speedrun games and still make 30 minutes video.

  28. Do you find there is a difference between looking at a computer screen instead of a physical board and pieces? You being anyone who would like to commit.

  29. I will miss chess when no one will ever play a championship after this

  30. I guess Kramnik was right all along.
    Hikaru deserves a permanent ban, it's unacceptable to cheat in chess.

  31. Clicked on the vid, saw an AD, went to comments for like 10min, went back, AD wasnt over… (My phonr eas muted so i didnt know lol)

  32. Levy, it's the trompovsky attack, not the trompousky, please!😉

  33. You need to be a commentator in the big tournaments

  34. "Wesley sniping with the bishop" I see what you did there

  35. An observation, you sped past 1/2 the games in some cases, why not make 2 vids and expand the games, please??

  36. Last Game Agadmator described it better

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