The FINAL GAME | Praggnanandhaa ELIMINATES Caruana | World Cup 2023 Semi Finals Game 7.6

Two rapid 25+10 games ended in a draw between Pragg and Caruana. Subsequently, they played the first 10+10 game, in which Pragg defeated Caruana. The second game served as the decider – whoever emerged victorious would qualify for the finals and face Magnus Carlsen for the FIDE World Cup trophy. Check out what happened!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. But this match is drawn so how he entered into finals?

  2. A game without sagar's commentary is so peaceful to watch

  3. Pragg is super talented and I like him a lot. But beating Magnus in the final is probably not yet. The GOAT will still win. Good luck, Pragg!

  4. Indians like here… ❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  5. That meditation practice is really paying off.

  6. Loser, by tradition , has to reset the clock .Does Caruana? Loser in all sense! respect loss!

  7. Nepo, after tragic loss, did reset the clock

  8. Hi, does anyone know when the Carlsen vs Prag match will be and what time? Tyvm.

  9. Great win for Praggnandha …
    Caruana has been on the top long enough unable to break through to
    World Number One …
    Against the Wall (Magnus Carlsen)
    It's another matter though ….
    And Pragg will have have to bring the rabbit out of the bag to outwit
    Magnus Carlsen ….
    Anyway best of luck to Pragg ….

  10. People it's just think this era of chess is going to end. Just like an anime in which characters join a tournament and now only some strong characters are remaining

  11. 😂😂😂that's a draw


  12. Who made that Hairy thumbnail 👎

  13. Im still confused who died and who win 😢

  14. What happened in the end..why suddenly they shaken hands. Anyone explain?

  15. I thankfully already knew the results, just came here to ask why on earth you would spoil who wins in the title/thumbnail, not a good look and i’m putting this channel on do not recommend to avoid potential spoilers now

  16. So this match is draw ? What result?

  17. with all these blunders and inaccuracies, it feels like human

  18. I didnt understand how he won?can someone explain to me.😅

  19. I really don't understand how he win 😂😂 What a noob I am 😂😂

  20. Hey guys, Mujhe poore rules nhi pata hai, Basics hi pata h, last wala koi explain kr do plz, last kya hua samjh nhi aaya

  21. Yes, don't spoil results in title, suspense is good

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