The Finale of Ludwig’s Chess Tournament ft. GothamChess

[Streamed Live on September 4th, 2022]

In this VOD, Ludwig finished his chess tournament.

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0:00 Talking with chat
39:59 Chess Tournament
2:16:23 Finals

Original VOD:

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  1. 2:22:30 damn thats so funny ludwig trashed FACTOR then got sponsored by them in the yard

  2. It's so funny that after all the years Ludwig's been playing chess, he still calls the black pieces "the dark squares". The black king isn't even on a dark square! 😂 Love it

  3. Toast absolutely understands the bar, and is in fact better at playing the bar than any of the other players. I don't think Levy and Ludwig gave him nearly enough credit for his bar worshipping strategy. It's clearly exhausting for him to do and it uses up his time a bit but it works.

  4. Man, the Hans and Magnus talk hits different in hindsight, lol.

  5. Can anyone play this format with the engine bar showing? Sounds super fun to me at like 800 elo, almost makes it like solving a puzzle

  6. Hi Ludwig i enjoy watching your videos The next pro you should try to beat is SonicFox in Mortal Kombat Thanks

  7. Two of my favorite streamers commentating chess turned out to be just as awesome as I expected.
    You two should do podcasts together

  8. For people not familiar with chess, Hans Niemann is the Leffen of chess (pre redemption arc), and Hikaru is the Hbox of chess.

  9. 43:00 pawn to E3 saves both with pawn for bishop and queen for knight (dont know if its the best move but is a move i will most likely have gone)

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