The first ever encounter between Magnus Carlsen and Nihal Sarin | World Blitz 2023

It was the first time ever that Magnus Carlsen and Nihal Sarin faced off against each other in an over the board encounter. It happened at the World Blitz 2023 in Uzbekistan. Check out this exciting battle that was filled with many tactical ideas and all of them explained by IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. dude seriously!
    Ur commentary is overrated & hyped
    I felt it annoying..

  2. This guy should commentate on baseball or golf…those sports might actually become exciting?!

  3. nihal be like –
    miya miya miya bhai 🔥 apan ko bolte

  4. Dilep kumar yadav bhagiput paryagraj up 319121

  5. If nihal face pragghnanda he will be scared why

  6. One blunder from Magnus, Nihal nailed it

  7. 6:38 why not here black f2
    And take white pawn.
    And if then white takes black knight then black rook f1 and check to king if white would block it by d1 then black rook d1 and take the knight and check and mate the black king.

    GAME OVER . Nihal would have won the game.
    I mean if white one could see it coming before taking black kinght with his rook then obviously he could avoid being cheack mate but even in that situation black would be in extremely advantageous position.

    Am i missing something here? Can somebody explain me.

  8. That's some nerve Nihal Sarin💥🔥👏

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