The GAME Made Magnus Carlsen SPEED CHESS CHAMPION! Hikaru Nakamura vs Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen faced the Last Speed Chess Champion Hikaru Nakamura in the 2023 Speed Chess Championship Final.


  1. These two people always produce the best of the best games whenever they play. Hikaru and Magnus has a mutual respect. The fans on the other hand are clinically insane

  2. The only thing I could follow closely are players reactions 🙂

  3. Definitely the two best speed chess players in the world. Fun to watch!

  4. hikuaru is choke artist magnus probably makes a splooge on your big forehead all the time in real life after you are done dropping his pawls in your mouth u probably wish he would splooge everywhere on u and not just on your forehead but he choose your forehead because he says that maybe if your brain will absorb his splooge then you will no longer be idiot and it will make u better at the chess game this is because he enjoys the way u touch his pawls with the tip of your nose but u made it weird for him when he was just trying to foodge and u started to cry in his bed and told him that u loved him but he was just trying to bone , u always make it weird. he was just tryin to send ship his pawls and u got attached and told him u xloved him. U made it weird and u blunder a lot but your biggest blunder was when u cried in magnus bed after he cooomed

  5. I would like to see Bobby Fischer playing a computer aided bullet against these two.

  6. magnus giving a draw in the last match even though it was a win is the sign of a true sportsmanship, we wouldn't see that if hikaru was in that place

  7. These two only have a close match, their opponents going to the finals always fall 3 points below and one-sided match

  8. lol magnus having fun made a drama like hikaru has chance, but actually no chance

  9. It's nice to see that there are two friends in chess. Congratulations to both of them.

  10. Yessss!! Love it. Magnus the ultimate GOAT 🐐

  11. wow you have won it all now officially for real. Thats amazing. Im stunned! GG I feel like this is prime moments right here and Magnus came out the winner.

  12. Congratulations Magnus! Great to see both reactions at the end, the two best for sure!😊

  13. draw when you have forced mate on board. ( with white queen and bishop ) . Surely Carlsen saw mate pattern there, but this is online chess and everything may happen here, so probably smart decision since draw was enough to win the tournament

  14. The last game should be a win for Magnus. It's big of Magnus to offer draw instead.

  15. Although Hikaru is so expressive with his emotions, he is definitely very tilt proof

  16. Dany with the games best onliner… “I’m keeping the kings on the board”. 😂

  17. Respect for Hikaru he gave nice fight at the end ❤ 2 legends at the game of Chess ❤

  18. Fantastic event and the final was super thrilling and fun!
    Congrats, Magnus!

  19. Magnus was smiling cause he knew how big time he fucked up and after winning in that situation you can't help but get too excited over that extremely close position.

  20. carlsen bests naka in bullet. Well done!

  21. Final Boss of Chess is not easy to beat

  22. Why didn't hikaru check with queen a1 at 2:31 instead of bringing the rook down he would've had a mating sequence I think. Argh!!!

  23. Someone tell me where Hikarus forced mate

  24. I will not forget the double rook !!!! Waw

  25. I have no idea what is going on. I just watch the bar on the left. I am basically watching a black line fighting a white line.

  26. 2:38 What do they mean rook takes b2? How is that good? King can take rook and I don’t see any follow up lol.

  27. Players usually get upset on losing their game or title but there are these two rivals dominating each other with fun.

  28. Epic double rook sac at the end!!! What a game

  29. Congratulation to the new champion. We are dazzle by his courage and his strenght.

  30. Insane sportsmanship between the two contenders. A joy to watch.

  31. The commentators in bullet are like "oh the bar is going up!!!!" "the bar is going down!!!!" lol

  32. Well Hikarus reign as champion was short lived.

    Both great players but welldone to Magnus he bounced back and has shown the world again that he is the true champion and greatest of all time.

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