The GAME Made Magnus Carlsen World Blitz Chess Champion in 2022


  1. Wow….its chess. Take a deep breath 🤦‍♂️

  2. Sa a été intense a la fin mdr, En tous cas bien jouer à toi et ton adversaire !

  3. Incredible !!
    That other game where you had 30 seconds and won was also an incredible game as well.
    Congratulations. Keep Going

  4. Hope this Titels are dedicated to Pelé?!

  5. Magnus letting fame get to his head… Every match is a show now. He wants a movie, not a title.

  6. Remember one week ago, at the start of the championship, when Nakamura was "the best chess player in the world right now"? How funny.

  7. Who can deny Magnus has a superior understanding of chess?

  8. Congrats on winning The Queens Gambit: The Board Game

  9. I have a question. At 7:15 Why didn’t Magnus take the knight D5?
    Just asking to learn something

  10. This videos would be so much better with audio? Hey Magnus, please consider narrating over your videos explaining your plays? You would get 10 times the audience.

  11. My dream is for Hikaru to at least get to the current top 10 chess players in the world.

  12. You are very inspirational and a true legend of the sport. I learn a lot from you and it makes me very happy if I guessed the move you play. There is only 1 thing left to do for you in chess: You need your own variation named after you. I suggest the Nc3 and bishop b2 sicilian against d6 to be named the "Carlsen variation". There are also some good lines in the advanced Caro-Kann with Nd2-Nb3 without a name. Btw you should check out the Paulsen variation to surprise Nepo the next time if he plays the Petrov defense. I analyzed it 40 moves deep, it can lead to interesting positions and dynamic play, way better than the main move from a practical standpoint. It can help you to avoid well known opening theory. But who am I to give the G.O.A.T. any kind of advice. I'm just a mediocre 2500 lichess guy.

  13. Add some music to these vids. Much more appealing. GOAT status

  14. Your opponent showed he is a child when he stormed off all upset probably looking for his mom


  16. Hans still thinks that he is better than carlsen lol

  17. Aerolíneas Almendradas Carlsen lo hace de nuevo! Las vertientes de Sami, los espíritus de los antepasados ​​y piedras sagradas le permitieron ver más allá de lo evidente. Ragnar ha confiado gotas de su sangre Vikinga invencible. La mirada atenta de Odin no le permite flaquear. Los míticos elfos, los gnomos, las valquirias han contribuido para que reine en las 64 casillas más allá de las fronteras del país de sus mitos y leyendas para convertirlo en lo que es hoy!! Un crack (Como Messi)

  18. can you help me guys on my videos about my game, i want to be like magnus 🙁

  19. Can somebody please tell me why Magnus won? Is it because the timer expired?

  20. I want to send you a game against Sicilian defense

  21. Magzy Bogues and Luka Doncic are my two fav NBA players.

  22. "Too weak too slow."
    Magnus Carlsen

  23. I want to hear Magnus talk about strategy. If only we could see what he was thinking in a game. How far ahead he is anticipating.

  24. It would be cool if Magnus had a discord server. Magnus could ask someone to make it and be a moderator. It would be very neat. By the way if anyone asks, which they probably won’t, I do not know how

  25. Magnus Karlsen eshte idhulli im, i pa arritshem, (unik) i uroj per fitoren dhe rrespekte per kete gjigand te shahut.

  26. Magnus Carlsen is the best chess player of all time. He has also renewed the sport of chess, and made many people interested in both playing chess and watching tournaments.

  27. Awesome! Way to go Magnus! Congratulations! 🎉

  28. At 1:09 magnus touches his pawn (if you slow the video down, you can see that he had moved his pawn ever so slightly), but proceeds to move his rook. Is that legal still?

  29. Did he win?
    Coz im a bit confuse with the news Hikaru win the 2022

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