The game that made Magnus Carlsen the World Blitz Champion 2023 | Carlsen vs Aronian

Magnus Carlsen now has 17 world titles under his belt. This he achieved by winning the World Blitz Championships 2023. We bring you the final round game with Levon Aronian and a small drama that ensued before it. A huge congratulations to Magnus Carlsen and his team.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Why aronian choose this bornig opening.. Why u guys don't fight.. This is just a piece of s*hit not a chess

  2. wtf dubov…. that game with nepo will hunt him forever

  3. “I have no rival” this quote just belong to Magnus The Goat 🐐😎

  4. Nepo to Dubov at 02:01 : "ChessBase India is filming us. Just smile and wave. Smile and wave 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️"

  5. This vsristion with Nc3 was popular in 1950's, edpecially in Yugoslavi. GM Stojan Puc had several Nezhmetdinov-like wins like white.

  6. The GOAT does it again!! Congrats Champ! 🏆

  7. Levon also did great, Magnus the Goat

  8. Sorry to ask but Dubov had 11 wins and 10 draws, which is 16 points, why is he credited with 15.5?

  9. but dubov didn't lost even a single game in both rapid and blitz…deserved to win title…

  10. soon there won't be enough room on Magnus shirt for sponsors

  11. Such strong open tournaments especially in shorter time controls are so hard to win and magnus does it on a regular basis.

  12. So there is no one to either challenge or to compete with Magnus?

  13. What are all the other Grandmasters doing?

  14. Bachon ko khilana hai To ek chess board de do.

  15. Unless a player is able to think and move 5 steps ahead, he should not be reared

  16. funny how he dominates but still lose points at the end of the process, the goat

  17. Why are some black pieces darker than other? Shouldn't they be the same colour?

  18. only game there is sport etc where you can do this

  19. Sometimes players are really annoying. I just put the names in the program and it spits out the pairings and decides the tie breaks. I don't understand or care about how or why.

  20. Magnus’s monopoly is monotonous I’d much rather see any other player win but that’s just me I find his play Boring

  21. QUESTION the most best computers are better than grand masters right?

  22. Where the hell is the 2D BOARD???????????????????

  23. Can someone explain? Ok im dumb and new to chess. So, players can offer draw it's not even midgame? And i see them shaking hands to officially say they either resign or offerring draw. Can this be qualified as match fixing since it looks like he wanted to make magnus the winner by accepting draw.

  24. Please use evaluation bar and on screen boards

  25. Aronian was shaking his head the whole game and thinking why am I playing against stockfish …

  26. There should have been a tie-break Magnus vs Dubov that would be fair

  27. Magnus vs mitten bot who gonna win u think?

  28. At the end, in the first chessboard THERE ARE EVER THEM….Carlsen, Aronian, Caruana, Vachier Lagrave, Nepomniatchi, Dubov….

  29. Magnus is the goat in chess, as Novak is the goat in tennis. All records have been broken, but they can still go

  30. Still don't get why he had back to back black but happy he won!

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