The Greatest Chess Endgame ever | Vishy Anand vs Magnus Carlsen | Global Chess League 2023

If you would like to witness one of the best endgames ever played, you are in for some luck! 5-time World Champion Vishy Anand (Ganges Grandmasters) sat opposite another 5-time World Champion Magnus Carlsen (SG Alpine Warriors) at the 7th round of the Global Chess League 2023. The game was a slow strategic battle with both sides maneuvring in the first half of the game. Then Magnus realized that he had to win in order to let his team have any chances to beat his opposing team. And so he sacrificed a pawn. The game then went into a knight vs bishop endgame that was so sharp and complex that very few grandmasters could make sense of what was going on. With themes like domination, underpromotion, stalemate and much more, this is an endgame worth visiting and revisiting many many times in your life! Check out this battle along with the commentary of IM Sagar Shah and enjoy.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. It would be fun to ask him how his game is going as he runs in at the last minute. 😄

  2. holy F!! title wasnt kidding. what a game!! i enjoyed it and the narration, tyvm

  3. Kasparov, Anand & Carlsen NEVER can be one of th Best in Chess! That is a Lie!!!
    The Best in Chess ARE:
    – Capablanca
    – Tal
    – Fischer

  4. Yes! I can see a fear in magnus eyes, facing the greatest chess player Alive from India, king Anand!

  5. What a great time to be involved in Chess and to have enjoyed both their Chess careers!

  6. I hate to see Vishy lose but hey it's mags 😮

  7. That's why he called as an endgame specialist 😍🔥

  8. bro magnus is always showing up in a huge rush like he had extreme inconveniences. except it's every match

  9. What Sagar failed to mention was – had Vishy played on , it would have been a draw – later analysis (by Svidler) shows that! The fighter…

  10. That was the best commentary I've ever heard in a chess game

  11. bruh this announcer is one of the best ever

  12. you know this is 2 legend when you see their end game level

  13. I once had stockfish do an underpromotion/knight smothered mate on me at around 20 moves. wished i still had the PGN; it was the most fking beautiful mate ive ever seen!

  14. Dude you have to shut up a bit while they are playing. It is not football match.

  15. This was so breath-taking. Great commentary by Sagar as well! 👏👏👏

  16. The commentator reminds me of the clip at the olympics where the cameraman was running as fast as the runners

  17. Man it was better than a Football SOCCER Game

  18. Magnánimo Carlsen, que final para la historia del Ajedrez 👍👍

  19. Magnus always late lmao. And always pulls thru

  20. good to see these lads learning the game tho !

  21. Instead of Anand moving the queen away I feel he could have kept it by the pawn at C3 to prevent its progression and get a draw out of it

  22. The commentator is brilliant. Hands down the best I've heard.

  23. Love seeing them discuss things at the end of the game. The sportmanship in chess is amazing

  24. Wow underpromotion messed everything up in the plan! How do u see a move like that so quickly?

  25. Chess vibes channel did an excellent breakdown of this game- he points out that the knight could chase down the Queen promotion at the end. 🤯

  26. Una obra de arte que quedara en la historia.

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