The GREATEST Commentator Freak Out Of The 2023 Speed Chess Championship

The Greatest Commentator Freak Out Of The 2023 Speed Chess Championship. Danya Naroditsky and Robert Hess reacting to Alireza Firouzja vs Wesley So in the Speed Chess Championship 2023 Quarter Final!

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  1. I appreciate how GMs blunder mate just like me. We don't need to mention the fact that they're playing every move in less than a second and I have 10 minutes left on my clock.

  2. Whenever u post Alireza game I get excited.. What a blunder by So. That's chess.

  3. I like it when you include the commentator freak-outs. Adds excitement. Great captions/colors. No clickbait with you. Another excellent chess video! Thanks!

  4. Wow ! I really though it would be alireza to blunder the mate. damn he is tricky !! got it against Wesly. This was thrilling. Also OMG first comment !!

  5. Okay, I finally got to comment. I watch your videos and you always say "snap it off", "snap one off", or the like. You may want to look that up in the Urban dictionary. I get a chuckle every time. Keep up the good videos. 👍🙂👍

  6. Aren’t these commentators exaggerating it a bit, them knowing they are on camera? I could easily do without them, they distracting me more than anything else: what is there to explain in a split second?

    And yes, here I would say, Firouzja was lucky.

  7. Always love seeing GucciReza. Such a shame he lost a tight match in Armageddon just as he did in the final with Magnus

  8. Really Wesley Come on I spotted that check way before Alireza did it not the Checkmate tho I kind of feel bad for Wesley he played a Great Game one step and one piece ahead most of the game Alireza must’ve felt so good after that blunder by Wesley Thanks James knights and Queens work so well together 😊♟️

  9. Hess was outacontrol w those lasers!! 🤣🤣 can we just pause on that for a sec?? 🤣🤣

  10. I'll take a dirty victory over a clean one, every day. If they get you in trouble, humiliate them :).

  11. I like so much how you don’t get lost on endless opening, variations or sidelines. Keep up the excellent work.

  12. Poor Wesley. I bet his mouth was watering over the checkmate he anticipated landing against Alireza. It gave him tunnel vision (not just him– the commentators too, apparently). It's completely forgivable in speed chess, but you know what they say: you snooze, you lose.

  13. Danya Naroditsky is the Chick Hearns of Chess Commentator.

  14. Heartwarming to see super gm missing mate in 2. Gives my 700 soul some piece 😂

  15. Incredible how they immediately continue with the next game.. I would need a therapy session first after such loss

  16. “Never resign while you have a horse on the board.”

    – GothamChess aka Levy Rozman

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