The GREATEST Commentator Freak Out Of The 2023 Speed Chess Championship

The Greatest Commentator Freak Out Of The 2023 Speed Chess Championship. Danya Naroditsky and Robert Hess reacting to Alireza Firouzja vs Wesley So in the Speed Chess Championship 2023 Quarter Final!

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  1. Poor Wesley. I bet his mouth was watering over the checkmate he anticipated landing against Alireza. It gave him tunnel vision (not just him– the commentators too, apparently). It's completely forgivable in speed chess, but you know what they say: you snooze, you lose.

  2. Danya Naroditsky is the Chick Hearns of Chess Commentator.

  3. Heartwarming to see super gm missing mate in 2. Gives my 700 soul some piece 😂

  4. Incredible how they immediately continue with the next game.. I would need a therapy session first after such loss

  5. “Never resign while you have a horse on the board.”

    – GothamChess aka Levy Rozman

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