The Heavy Hitters Are Here! Magnus v Wesley & DenLaz v MVL Headline Day 1 | Chessable Masters 2024

The 2024 Chessable Masters is the first of four events preceding the Champions Chess Tour live Finals. The winner of the event pockets $30,000 and guarantees a spot at the CCT Finals. Carlsen, Vachier-Lagrave and Fedoseev have already earned spots in the Chessable Masters Division I based on their performance in 2023’s last CCT event!


The 2024 Champions Chess Tour (CCT) is’s most important event series of the year with the overall winner being crowned Tour Champion, the highest annual honor conferred by the world’s largest chess platform. New for 2024, each regular season event has had its prize pool increased from $235,000 last year to $300,000—the largest ever offered for CCT events outside the Tour Finals. The pool for the Tour Finals remains $500,000 making the total available on the Tour a cool $1.7 million. Also new for 2024, the time control for every stage will be 10+2.

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  1. why i read the "Hitter" to "Austrian Painter" 🤦‍♀

  2. Only players with a minimum number of OTB wins at tournaments with proper fair play measures should be eligible for online tournaments

  3. If the lower rated players are never supposed to win, why even play the games, just give the points to the higher rated player

  4. Why is she talking like that?? I dont get it…
    When she was guest host yesterday she was actually speaking like a normal human being.
    Now she is back to her unbearable self.
    I really have to mute most of the commentary

  5. Great stream, but you guys should send David a new mic.

  6. when giri was talking about meeting his wife he sounded like a robot… I mean come on guy… put a little feeling into what you're saying about the supposed woman of your life

  7. this man steals money in front of the whole world

  8. José is from South America. So he must be cheating. Cause in South America people are uncivilized. Some even question if they’re even Homo sapiens down there.

  9. I still think before, after or during a break the commentators should play some fun games. Variants even.

  10. Jose Martinez lmao. He definitely looks like he’s trying to hide the cheating not making it obvious. I suggest if yall have time. Watch the game normally. His overreactions as if he’s stressed. How often he looks to the right after he makes moves. Pretending to be in a long think making more facial expressions

  11. Caruana, in one of his recent interviews, explained how easy it would be to cheat in online events. The two cameras are not only completely useless, but they also provide a false sense of security for those who wish cheating is a small problem completely under control.

  12. Please kick out Jose from turnament and any future events

  13. Sad to see my favorite event being downgraded. I miss the studio and sad we'll only get 4 events. I'm assuming sponsors weren't signing up.

  14. Is this the new " studio "??? Where is the old studio, and why change it? This is soooo bad, and the Champions Chess Tour takes a BIGG stepp in the wrong direction !!

  15. Common chat am I only one who cannot listen to Tania Sachdev commentary imagine Judit Polgár is there how much better it wiil be

  16. I really love this format and you guys make following the games much more entertaining compared to other online tournaments.
    CCT final 2023 was the most entertaining to me… Keep going this way! 😊
    I can feel your passion and positive energy.

  17. I wish Tania wouldn't just 'noise fill' and learn 'if you don't have anything good/important to say then keep quiet and let your fellow commentators talk'.

  18. Thumbs down! This is why nobody watches chess as much as major sports. Keep jumping from board to board instead of stick to one at a time.

  19. Is there anywhere we can watch specific games uninterrupted? I am new-ish to chess and it's really difficult to learn and break things down switching between games like this.

  20. People doubting Jospem. Dude is one of the best speed chess players in the world. He wipes the floor with a lot of top players in bullet and blitz online. People play favorites and read too much into player expressions sometimes. Imagine how demeaning it must be for legit top young players to read such comments about them online. In rapid formats especially you can see a lot of upsets as was shown by many results in the world rapid champs.

  21. I'm sad about no studio. That made this feel like a real event, amazing production. Now this feels like any other of the countelss events with the commentators on webcams and there's not as much reason to watch tbh

  22. So have they lost all sponsers?… Just last year they were boasting about the studio and all… And that was good

  23. It feels like Wesley So do not belong in the candidates for a long time.

  24. Tanya is the PERFECT commentator/hostess for this format. She always keeps up the energy, conveys a lot of excitement for the game, and is enthusiastic about what she's seeing. Great find, guys.

  25. Miss the old format with the studio — made these events feel special and more fun to watch. Still, great commentary

  26. its really interesting how jospem played so well against everyone in the swiss but played damn poorly against naka just check his results against other top players and naka. I know naka is a better player but the fact is jospem always loses to him no matter the format and he crushes other super gms effortlessly

  27. I would like to see Martinez play OTB, the guy is so talented. He could be world champion with this play.

  28. I'll be back to bed at dawn with this board on without a lazy susanne under it.

  29. some chatter wrote "what's nepo going to blame it on today" lmao

  30. If you had a rating point for every time Jose Martinez stole a quik glance to the side, you'd be a totally legitimate top 5 online player, too.

  31. Nakamura: "this is the beginning of the end"

  32. "The only disappointment with jospem Lazavik is that there can only be one winner" (MVL)

  33. I think the only way to partly prevent cheating in online tournaments is to require that all players have full room cameras that are monitored (no second devices, no phones etc., though of course someone could still have a basic vibration device that conveys the moves in morse code or something, but the aim is to make it as difficult as possible to cheat), disallowing headphones, and have the players show their ears to those monitoring every time they enter the room.

  34. Terrible production quality compared with previous events. As a lay person fan of the CCT since Covid I'm now losing interest. Without a studio and real characters interacting face to face it's just not that entertaining anymore. Sadly I think you lost me as a viewer 😢

  35. Is there a way I could watch a full match somewhere?

  36. They should take a closer look at Joses games, just to make sure

  37. I think David thought something was going on.. he continued to repeat “it seems as if jospem has always a reply up his sleeve”

  38. Jospem is so talented. If he played more OTB, he would easily be top 5.

  39. I just love how chess players would destroy a bottle of water after a tence match as if they just ran a marathon 🙃

  40. I hate chess monopolies, the old format in the room was so cool. This is so sad. Kudos to Jospem, he is the goat.

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