The intense American clash | Caruana vs Niemann | World Blitz 2023

At the World Blitz 2023, we witnessed a fascinating duel between Fabiano Caruana, who is a world class GM, and Hans Niemann, who is in the chess news for quite some time now! Whenever Niemann takes on top players, it is something that the world watches with bated breath! Caruana and Niemann had played against each other recently at the FIDE Grand Swiss 2023 as well where Caruana had emerged victorious. What would happen in this game? Check out the video to find out.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Them BEADS didnt work today eh? 😀

  2. Niemann always delivers interesting chess. The moment here: Nxc2. But even before that coming out of the opening some unconventional stuff.

  3. Where's the dam screen board (WILDR) is tripping

  4. At least hes learned to set up the bits again after his games. Pretty messy but its a start.

  5. Hans is left-handed! He must be good at maths!

  6. isn't there a check when black place queen a2 at 9:29

  7. Whoa. He beat the first American world champion ever.

  8. Blitz is too fast to wait for signals back to the beads.

  9. I love how you can hear exactly when the players are all running out of time and need to play faster

  10. I'm guessing this channel doesn't get many views because there is no board on screen. We can't follow the games, by.

  11. Show the board, what is this?! Nobody wants to see this bs

  12. Once a cheater always a cheater. Thumbs down!

  13. Who was the player talking to Hans at the beginning?

  14. Who is the other player at the start of the video? Fedoosev?

  15. Anyone know who came over to shake Hans’ hand before the match?

  16. i wonder what would have happened if hans had gone Qd2 to protect the rook instead of Rd5…

  17. Those who want to know, it was fedoseev who shaked his hand

  18. there are buttplugs in the pieces that hans captured

  19. No words, the chess spoke for itself

  20. Hans was out of shape. Every game he was in time trouble too soon.

  21. Not enough time for cheeting so lost…

  22. Give us at least the eval-bar! Please!

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