The intense clash of leaders | Nepo vs Gukesh | FIDE Candidates 2024

Ian Nepomniachtchi was on 5.5/9 and so was D. Gukesh. Together they were leading the FIDE Candidates 2024. In the 10th round they were pitted against each other. We bring you the game with all its intensity. Check it out to figure who came out on top to wrest the sole lead in the tournament.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. 11:40 Knight falls down; Gukesh apologizes & gives it respect. (Hindu tradition)

  2. This kid is challenging best in the world today. So happy for india.

  3. I am cheering for Nepo, but really like your guys. They are so fun to watch. Good guys, and very strong! Well done Inda, greetings from Serbia!

  4. Very friendly atmosphere! Jan is great too, helps to break prejudices against Russians. Vidit and Prag model personalities too!

  5. Really professional of him to leave the board arranged and keep the queen in the centre.

  6. Can’t you agree to a draw before the fortyeth move ??

  7. Are yrr hame gukesh (black pieces) ki side se game dikhao na, dusre ki side se kyu dikha rahe ho, hame indians ki side se dikhaya kro

  8. I appreciate how gukesh arranges the pieces in the starting position and doesn't leave from there leaving a mess..

  9. Gukes is the greatest talent in the whole world

  10. Bro is only 17… in 5 years he will be insane.

  11. The guy in red been more famous than the players.

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