The Loudest Clock Banger | Jeevaa A S vs GM Vitaly Teterev | 20th Delhi International Open 2023

When time is running out, our attention to everything else takes a backseat and the whole concentration is on the game. Sometimes we do not realise how fast we are capturing the pieces and how louder we are banging the clock. Watch the video to see what happened in the game between Jeevaa A S (1487) and GM Vitaly Teterev (2377) in round two of the 20th Delhi International Open 2023.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Whoever in time pressure will bang the clock , it's natural for humans .

  2. GMs time just ran down in the end…look at youngster’s reaction 😂😂…good game though

  3. i would've just hit it harder out of spite… i mean c'mon, if i'm running low on time, i'm going to try and move and hit the clock as fast as possible.. obviously it wasn't with ill intent.

  4. "The Clock Banger" cool nickname ig😂

  5. Congrats da jeeva
    Naa Vakeesh
    Endha comment read panna oruh like podhu
    Luck da andha Gm khu

  6. the other guy banged it too when he was low on time… nonsense attitude

  7. If a man bangs a clock like this, imagine his wife's fate…I you understand, you understand

  8. average indian youngsters on board behaviour is the worst ever.
    1. he had a problem when the opponent pressed the clock hard, but the young boy was doing the same!
    2. the way he offered draw? CAN I SAY THAT’S THE WORST EVER WAY TO OFFER A DRAW?
    3. for me, Grandmaster won this game on the terms of On-board behaviour.

  9. Good, but Offer draw in your time.. Next time..

  10. 1:06 the moment you have been waiting for

    Thank me later 🙂

  11. Very unsportsmanlike, he hit the clock hard himself and offered draw in a wierd way. Never seen someone offer a draw like that 😓

  12. Dude is running low on time, of course he is gonna try to press the clock as fast as he can

  13. The way the young offered the draw at the end wasn't right. Normally, you are supposed to offer the draw just before playing your move, and your opponent doesn't have to reply right away. As long as it's their turn, the draw offer is available and they can always accept it, but as soon as they move, that means that the draw offer is refused and is not available anymore.

    You don't offer the draw when it's your opponent's move and he's thinking. And you don't stare at him, as if he has to reply right away.

  14. Chess teaches you to make every decision carefully even in real life … The boy managed to hold against a GM but he might be mostly questioning himself of every decision he made outside the board.

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