The Most Important Chess Tournament Of The Year: Candidates 2022

Featuring the world’s best chess players, the FIDE Candidates Chess Tournament is the most important event of the year as Hikaru Nakamura, Fabiano Caruana, Alireza Firouzja, Ding Liren, Ian Nepomniachtchi and more fight for the chance to play Magnus Carlsen for the world championship title in 2023.

All the information:

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  1. I can't decide really. I see Nepo,Fabi,Ding,Nakamura and Rapport, all as potential winners.

  2. I really don't have an idea who might win this. Usually I have at least 2 favorites but here it's impossible. Such a strong field man.

  3. People need to watch out for duda, my dark horse pick

  4. Quick fact. I predicted the Candidates on 23 March well before the final candidate in mid May 2022. I believe the top 3 finishers will be Ding, Fabiano and Richard (in no particular order).

  5. (I mean it always is) but this Candidates has an especially stacked lineup that I am very excited to watch

  6. Caruana will win the Candidates, and then he will beat Magnus. An end of an era is coming

  7. Imagine Ding Liren wins the candidates and beats Magnus to become World Champion and its all because of some tweets… I hope he does it!

  8. I'm pulling hard for Hikaru and Alireza

  9. Grischuk !! The Thug Life is missing this time. Sad

  10. I have a feeling that Hikaru will win

  11. I think it's the first time I'm rooting for everyone in the field

  12. Hi, what a hell of a trailer, thanks!
    Does anyone know the music used, please ?
    It's not written in the description…

  13. Alireza is my vote for winner and making history

  14. Mamedyarov is the only strong player missing here. He almost edged out Magnus in Tata Steel and Norway Chess Touneys. I prefer him over Radjabov.

  15. I just want to see someone crushing their opponent with perfect Evans Gambit.

  16. I'm a beginner playing chess, but i think Nakamura is going to win.

  17. Bless the whole world Firouzja to setup the greatest match since Fischer – Spassky

  18. ''Hikaru is the most popular chess streamer'' bro never heard of Levy

  19. Ding Liren looks like the favorite for the candidates and Nakamura has the highest fanbase whereas Alireza is making the headlines and Nepo has the last chance to settle his past mistakes. so all in all it's gonna be a thrilling tournament this year. For me, I am gonna support Nakamura for the candidates.

  20. They have not all earned their spots. Karjakin earned a spot and it was given to somebody who did not earn it. FIDE should run chess, not be the thought police.

  21. I think, Nepo would emerge out at the winner, and I think Sergey is his second or maybe Grischuk

  22. What's happening in the Women's World Championships, never hear anything about them , such a chauvanist sport is Chess

  23. Talk about an all-star line-up! 🔥

  24. Only Fabi, Ding and Alireza can win… though all of us are hoping Hikaru would win

  25. buffffff I can't wait any longer. I feel like a kid waiting for Santa Claus to come the day before. 🙂

  26. I think any of them could win but I'd bet on Duda, Ding or Alireza

  27. This is the royal rumble to next year's wrestlemania

  28. 0:26. Correction: One spot is reserved for the loser of the previous WC match – who is not necessarily the previouos challenger. If Nepo had won the match, then Magnus would be in the candidates.

  29. Alireza has been hyped up for this tourny by Carlson himself. My vote goes towards him.

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