The most stressful game of World Cup 2023 Round 1 | Commentary by Sagar

Aydin Suleymanli born in 2005, is just 18 years old and one of the big rising stars in the world of chess. He was up against Xu Yinglun in round 1 of the World Cup 2023. It was an absolute marathon between the players. The Classical games ended in equality, so did the 25+10 and 10+10 rapids, the 5+3 blitz also ended in 1-1. We now went to the sudden death with 3+2 time control. Whoever would win a game would go through to the next round. The first game ended in a draw. And we are now seeing the second game. The nerves are high. The players have been fighting for the last 5 hours. IM Sagar Shah brings you the commentary. Check out who comes out on top in this thrilling duel.

Video: ChessBase India
Thumbnail: FIDE/Stev Bonhage

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  1. The games are intense just like the commentator

  2. why are the knights looking brown but other pieces black 😔😔.

  3. Counter per counter.what an amazing game down the wire!

  4. Did the commentator watch the game before and then comment?😅

  5. Cricket – Harsha Bhosle
    Football – Peter Drury
    Chess – Sagar Bhai

  6. These are by far my favorite kind of videos on chess india – great job !

  7. The most important thing of watching a chess match there is must a comentary of Sagar bhai.

  8. I thought it was Frank therefore I started this video 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣👿👿👿

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