The most weird chess incident that you will ever come across

You may have seen many chess cases and controversies, but we assure you this one is highly unique and something you would have never come across in your life. It happened at the World Rapid Championships 2022.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. The boy was lost anyway, after Qxd8 + White is immediately winning, after King moves Bd4 comes.Much ado about nothing, the kid was wrong in every way.

  2. Looks like niemann jr got caught cheating 3 different ways 😂

    Dont be mad because your opponent wont let you cheat.

  3. For Kid They can play with 2 hands or even with their foot. LOL.

  4. If it wasn't such high pressure, I think everyone could probably have just laughed it off at the end like all three arbiters did. I mean, that was objectively funny.

  5. What a pathetic sportsman this kid is and the judges are utter fools.
    Most chess comp players are the biggest P🐈SSIES on the internet. Look at their limp-wristed handshakes! Bahahahaha 😂

  6. Never play with kids they always cheat 😂

  7. Pretty sure these brats all have the same coach. Terrible manners all around. I would have totally lost my shit if I was the chess player who got duped on like that.

  8. The kid cheated and when he was made to play by the rules he basically smashed half of the pieces

  9. That kid tries everything god forbade not to loose his lost game. Don't let his innocent childface fool you.

  10. This kid and his friend N. Averin need to be banned FIDE.

  11. I saw another video, where the friend of that kid, another kid at 2:18 was in big trouble with another guys. These are trouble-kids 😀

  12. the little guy was also wrong because he didn't conclude his movement after pressing the clock

  13. Stop defending the boy! He's cheating.

    At 2:08 the boy puts his king on a safe square NOT where it was before. THE NERVE!
    2:20 elder player then moves it to intended square, kid didn't even apologize.

    The boy has cheated twice and broke one tournament rule: first when he cheated with the rook, then when he tried to put his king on a different square and third when he played with 2 hands.

    And yea, rook takes is a game loosing move, but the older player just didn't want to play such an immature opponent.

  14. Lol, both those kids were caught cheating, and both were able to sit down and continue.

  15. I don't get it, why were they defending the boy? he clearly did a wrong move

  16. when i play with my friend he keeps one hand on the clock and another to move the pieces.. 🤣🤣🤣… I always felt it was illegal. Now i know for sure its illegal.

  17. Bruh when you got like 2 seconds left and the opponent like 2 minutes , you know you have already lost the game.

  18. I know this game means a lot to them, loosing is a thing professional players want to avoid at any cost. But man… just 1 sec reaming on the clock c'mon… I think that kid should just have accepted his defeat and all this uncomfortable and awkward situation could be avoided…

  19. The kid is cheating and should be warned then reprimanded

  20. The kid should've used his ears to stop the clock

  21. FIGHT ! FIGHT ! FIGHT ! FIGHT !!!!
    (For those wondering what happened.) Dude's angry cos the Draft peices R the wrong shape.)

  22. Kids tend to try scummy tactics when facing a loss. They often lack the emotional intelligence to just take the loss and act with integrity.
    I have seen it time and time again. They are in a bad spot so they cheat, then try to act innocent and ultimately just show they are upset about losing.

  23. That'll put marzipan in your pie plate, Bingo! says:

    Adam Driver there in the background researching a role.

  24. That man should have shown some sportsman ship to that kod

  25. I have no clue what’s going on here, or who’s right or wrong

  26. Those same kids have been cheating & trying to disrupt the other player all tournament.

  27. There is a video of Kasparov in which he takes less than a second every time he makes a move and press the button.
    It's called something like "Kasparov didnt let his clock go down from 5 seconds"

  28. With my personality I think I would have let it slide. Perhaps if the kid made a habit of it, ok now it's getting silly. But I guess they are professionals and money is at stake.. great and interesting even to me that doesn't know a great deal about chess, although I have enjoyed playing it.

  29. this was really dumb
    as one must not be so rude with the younger ones
    here, the bigger guy looked like as if he is the young one ,sticking to rules so much , and degrading the sportsmanship value

  30. Why do they even care, won't he just lose on time next move anyways?

  31. i would be pissed if i was in the chess players pov

  32. Isn't it obvious that when you're left with 1 second on the clock you are going to lose on time? It's inevitable, just don't be so stubborn about it, accept it and now go to your next game. This kid needs to grow up.

  33. Kid is a little cheat and a bad looser. No class

  34. no offense but *weirdest, not most weird

  35. @2:50 – The arbiter when he says 'playing with two hands is not an illegal move' is the cause of this confusion.

    If all players could do this, each player will have one hand on the piece to move and the other hand on top of the stop clock at all times during the match and then clock will never run out, especially with a two second increment per move during blitz.

  36. common man your are a grown man. dont cry like that.

  37. This two guys they are always with problems, the youngest ones

  38. Can I get a job as the "Shh" guy at chess tournaments

  39. This looks needlessly pedantic on both sides. The kid should probably just resign at that point, and the opponent should probably allow the game to continue with the warning since the game was pretty much done anyway.

  40. The arbiters shouldn't go back on their decision just because someone insists a lot. They decided to give the kid a warning and continue from there after he used both hands, then the opponent insists that he repeats the move and the arbiters just concede after the 3rd time he insists with the argument: "no". Makes it look like the player makes the decisions around there by pressuring the arbiters.

  41. Why were they trying to not enforce the playing with 2 hands rule. Like do chess officials just choose when they want to enforce rules and when they could care less? I'm not really familiar with the scene so I am genuinely wondering..

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