The Scoop on the SuperNationals, The Biggest Chess Tournament Ever

5335 young people traveled to Nashville, TN to play in the fifth edition of SuperNationals, making it the biggest rated chess tournament in history. The US Chess Scoop spoke to a wide range of participants including the High School Champion, Atulya Shetty, captain of the High School Championship team Edward R Murrow Aleksander Ostrovskiy, and members of the K-8 Championship team, Masterman. We also talked to Pobo Efekoro and Rochelle Ballantyne from the documentary Brooklyn Castle and a budding film-maker. Anjana Murali talked about her camps to promote chess and FM Elliott Liu about game analysis for


  1. Wow, I look the same as I did 8 years ago… I wonder who I was on the phone with… How did I not notice Jennifer Shahade doing an interview next to me? My game must have really put me in a trance.

  2. you have to use your brain and it helps you think and stuff

  3. I could probably give a simul to all these kids and win every game. They sound like a bunch of weakies.

  4. you could literally smell the assburgers in that place

  5. Luke Harmon
    (kid that took second) has a rating of around 2400…

  6. Just as an FYI when that one guy castled he did it wrong there is suppose to be one spot next to the king open so

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